Interview with David Diaz: A day in the life of a plein air painter

By June 8, 2015 Paint Annapolis


As Paint Annapolis unfolds you will see more and more plein air artists painting throughout the county, the city, and the historic districts.

Whether you are an artist or art enthusiast, how much you really know about what it looks and feels like to be a plein air artist?

Our President of the Board of Directors was interviewed by Patrice Drago for the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Convention Visitors’ Bureau blog, to share with residents and visitors alike, just what it means to be one of these artists that we treasure.

Read the full blog post here.


About MFA

In order to protect our friends, collectors, artists and staff, Circle Gallery will be closed until April 29 due to Covid-19. All MFA exhibits may be enjoyed online. We will still be active through email, phone, and our online platforms! We are committed to maintaining our presence in the art community while prolonging the safety of our supporters. Please visit their webpages to see the artwork and learn more about the artists.