Me & My Art Monday: Meet Elaine Cafritz

By June 29, 2015 Me & My Art, Me & My Art Monday

Meet this week’s featured artist:  Elaine Cafritz, member since 2014:

ME:  I grew up in N.Y.C; went to Hunter College before marriage brought me to the Washington, D.C, area, and I have lived in Silver Spring for the past 59 years. I received a BFA degree from American University in 1963 and my website will give you my resume which gives you an idea of how far and wide I have exhibited. I started painting in the basement of my home and still paint in the same house, but due to a severe auto accident in 2013 (not my fault), I now paint in a former bedroom on the first floor.


MY ART:   I am an abstract artist who paints on linen with acrylics and mixed media. My inspiration comes from places I’ve visited and experiences that i have encountered.  My painting over the years has run the range from realism to pure abstract.  I was trained at American University to use oil on linen, and I still like the feel and texture.   Today I have progressed to acrylic on linen mixed with sand ,sawdust, wood shavings ect., whatever is handy and fits the mood of the painting. My art has evolved through maturity and experiences.

At present, I am the inaugural artist to show at the Oasis Gallery which is housed in Macy’s Home store in Democracy Mall and will be on display until July 31.2015.  My website:



MFA & ME:  I joined MFA a year ago and it has opened new venues with their “Call for Artists”, as well as to see what other artists have achieved. It has been an exciting year and I look forward to the coming year with MFA and their new website which I think is outstanding.






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