MFA Circle Gallery

The oldest continuously operating non-profit gallery in the state

Wil Scott

Currently Exhibting at Soul Annapolis July - August

Midsummer Madness

Join us for a reception on August 15 - and vote for your favorite piece!

Slider credit: Dilian Deal Blooming , from Midsummer Madness '18.

Strokes of Genius

Paint me like one of your... paintings.

Slider credit: Ardythe Jolliff,Under the Trumpet Tree from Strokes of Genius '18.

Susan Fine and Marguerite Welch

Currently exhibiting at Paul's Homewood Cafe August -September

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Maryland Federation of Art


MFA @ Gallery 564

Gallery 564: deadline Sep 12

MFA @ Ocean City

Thaler Gallery: notification Aug 6

Small Wonders

Circle Gallery: deadline Sep 25

Strokes of Genius

Circle Gallery: deadline Sep 5

Fall Member Show

Circle Gallery: notification Aug 23

Water Works

Curve Gallery: Deadline September 10

Stormy Weather

Curve Gallery: notification Aug 6

American Landscapes

Circle Gallery: Aug 22 - Sep 21

Paul’s Homewood Café

Susan Fine and Marguerite Welch: on display now

Midsummer Madness

Circle Gallery- Member All Hang

Soul Annapolis Restaurant

Wil Scott: on display now


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MFA has been celebrating the creative at Circle Gallery for 50 years.

We maintain the oldest continuously operating non-profit gallery in the state.

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Find artwork you love by getting to know our artists. Why buy generic art for your home when you can have original artwork you choose, not work chosen for you.

Artists: Find the right place for you

Find the Exhibition Opportunity that’s right for you. We provide artists with many different types of exhibition opportunities at our varied venues so you’ll find what type of location and/or exhibition works for you.

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Stop by MFA galleries to change up the day to day. Get your art fix without having to go to a big city.

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Yes, totally cliché but true, we love cheese and wine. The best part about that: we share!
Come to our Sunday receptions and mingle, enjoy, and shop!

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You don’t have to be an artist to join in all the MFA festivities. You can volunteer with us, attend our events, and give back to the community by helping us grow and keep art alive in our communities.

Give and you shall receive

Our fundraisers are designed to not only keep our doors open but to give back to our supporters. Its all about art and artists…art on our walls, art on your walls…and doesn’t everyone love art!

Art in Maryland is building a bridge between people, ideas, and perceptions.

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MFA Blog

Membership is available to artists around the world. Discounted rates, special opportunities, and lots of exposure. See what our members are making:

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New art inspires new ideas.
Ideas have the power to transform our understanding of what tomorrow can be.
Ideas can also inspire growth: the growth of our cities, our communities, and each individual who resides there.