Entries and Submission Fees

  • Entry fees are nonrefundable.
  • Fees and size requirements are announced by our call for entry system and are stated in each show prospectus.
  • All entries must be submitted through MFA’s online entry system.
  • Images must be in JPEG files less than 5MB in size, with the recommended longest pixel dimension between 1600 and 3000 pixels.
  • Images of accepted works may be used at the sole discretion of MFA for promotional purposes including but not limited to the invitation, catalog, website, or on a subsequent year’s prospectus. Image will include attribution whenever possible.


  • All work entered into any exhibition must be for sale unless prior agreements are made, and marked either with a price or POR for Price On Request.
  • MFA processes all sales, and payment from sold work will be mailed to the artist 30 days after the close of the exhibition.
  • MFA will retain 30% from all sales, 25% from sale of member work. Artist must be a member at time of sale to qualify.
  • Sale of artwork is taxable and all Maryland sales tax processing will be handled by MFA.
  • Sold artwork requiring shipment will be handled by MFA with costs collected from buyer. Buyers will be asked if the work may be retained until the exhibit ends. If the buyer disagrees, MFA will let the work go, and the artist will be informed.
  • MFA asks that artists donate 20% from any sale made through a direct referral from the MFA within three months. All donations are used to help defray operating costs of the Maryland Federation of Art and are tax-deductible by the artists to the full extent of the law.


  • A maximum of 6 original works created within the past three years may be entered, unless otherwise specified for a particular exhibit.
  • Works in a juried show may be exhibited at a given location only once.
  • Completed works may not exceed 72 inches in any one direction, including the frame. Sizes specific to an exhibition are shown in the entry application.
  • Work must be original in concept and design and created by the artist without instructor guidance. No commercially produced or reproduced artwork will be accepted.
  • Work may incorporate audio or sound recording not created by the artist if the artist obtains the same from an open source or has permission to use, distribute, and sell the audio or sound recording. To the extent possible, the artist shall credit the original creator of the audio or sound recording in the description of the media. The artist indemnifies MFA from any loss or damage sustained by MFA due to artist’s failure to comply with any copyright laws regarding such audio or sound recording.
  • Photographic prints not made directly by the artist, shall have been analog or digitally processed by the artist and shall be in control of any adjustments such as cropping, color balance, contrast, etc., through to the final printing.
  • No works produced in multiple quantities are accepted, unless produced from the original means by the artist’s hand and doesn’t exist in another medium. Editions must be signed and numbered.


  • Should Circle Gallery or any other exhibition space be closed for reasons beyond our control, MFA reserves the right to move a planned physical exhibit to our online gallery.

Digital Image Requirements

  • JPEG images only
  • Maximum file size limited to 5 MB
  • As a guideline, we recommend that you set the pixel dimension to approximately 3000 pixels on the longest side to provide the best image for the juror.


(Not applicable to Curve Gallery)


  • All work delivered to the gallery must have the following information affixed to the non-viewing side of artwork:
    • Artist Name
    • Address, phone number, and email
    • Title of the work, medium and price. Be specific with medium descriptions (e.g., oil on hardboard or canvas, not oil; chromogenic print or archival ink jet print, not photography or digital print; oil pastel on paper, not pastel; etc.)
    • Name of the show the work is in
  • Work must arrive on scheduled dates.
  • Paintings must be dry.
  • Measure to ensure work meets size limitations before delivery, include outer edges of frames. Work not in compliance will not be exhibited. No exceptions.
  • All shipped work must include a bar-coded return shipping label. Do not send by United States Postal Service (USPS). We prefer UPS but accept FedEx. No shipping peanuts allowed.
  • If you have specific packing/repacking instructions please include them in the shipping box.
  • Tips on shipping can be viewed on the RedDotBlog

Installation of Artwork

Member and National Juried Shows: Placement of works is the responsibility of the Exhibitions Committee and its chosen jurors.

Solo/Small Group Exhibitions: Artists are encouraged to work with the gallery staff to install their exhibition as part of the professional development process. The Gallery has final say on presentation. Once a work is selected for exhibition, the artist cannot remove it from the gallery unless unusual circumstances require an exception.

Presentation Guidelines

MFA strives to provide a professional exhibition space and asks artists to present their artwork professionally as well. The work must conform to the following standards unless otherwise stated for a particular exhibition. Artwork will not be installed if improperly presented or misrepresented.

  • Two-dimensional work must be suitably framed (clip frames not allowed) and under glass or Plexiglas when appropriate (Plexiglas must be on work over 24”x30”).
  • Artwork that is intentionally unframed, such as stretched canvas, must have well-finished painted edges. Edges cannot be taped. Mats, if used, must be well cut and clean.
  • All prints, including photographic prints must be signed and numbered, and include a certificate or label of authenticity.
  • All work must be equipped for safe installation; gallery personnel will determine safety.
  • Works considered as being too fragile for handling by gallery personnel will not be accepted.
  • All wall and suspended work must be equipped with a secure wire hanging system. MFA does not supply framing, hardware, or wire.
  • Coordination with the Gallery is required for installation work.
    • Artwork or display materials to be directly affixed to the wall must have gallery approval and artist must provide their own hardware.
    • Works requiring electrical outlets or other special considerations should consult with the gallery prior to application.
    • The Gallery has limited numbers of display materials for 3-D work; please discuss with the gallery prior to application.
  • The artist is responsible for special security of artwork, such as jewelry.
  • When two or three-dimensional work is unusually heavy or difficult to handle, timely assistance may be required of the artist. Prior notice is required for any three-dimensional works exceeding 50 pounds, and two-dimensional work exceeding 20 pounds to ensure gallery floor or wall can bear weight load. Three-dimensional work must fit through a standard single door.
  • Bin art, when allowed, must be firmly backed and shrink-wrapped or enclosed in an art quality plastic sleeve, with a label attached to the non-viewing side that includes name, title, medium and price. No tape on closures.

Pickup and Storage

  • When the exhibit ends, unless specified otherwise, you may pick up your work no earlier than 3:00 pm on the closing day of the exhibit.
  • You must pick up your work within 48 hours of the closing day of the exhibit, or notify the gallery if you will be late.
  • Unless previous arrangements have been made, work placed in storage after announced pickup dates will be subject to a fine of $10.00 per piece, per week. Work left in storage longer than two (2) weeks shall become MFA property and may be disposed of, or used for fundraising purposes. There are no exceptions.


All work will be handled with all possible care, but pieces submitted for exhibition are at the artist’s risk. In the event of damage or theft, the MFA will not be held liable. If insurance is desired, the artist must carry it.