MFA Board Member and art historian Wil Scott hosts a live discussion with a new MFA Member every other Tuesday over Zoom. Join Wil and the MFA community as we peer into the lives and art of exciting MFA Members

Wil Talk Episode #1

Nichole Leavy – Found Object Expert

In the first episode of Wil Talk, hear about local Annapolis artist Nicole Leavy. After having studied at MICA, Leavy bounced around from medium to medium but has settled lately on found object art. Check out the projects Leavy has in her studio as well as the van in her driveway that she’s painting for a client!

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Wil Talk Episode #2

Rich Isaacman, digital and drone photographer

Richard Isaacman didn’t start out as a digital photographer, but he says his experience traveling the world almost demanded for photos to be taken. Hear how Isaacman process his photos (not) and how his life as an astronomer influences his photography philosophy.

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Wil Talk Episode #3

Mary Ellen Carsley, Blockprinter and Arts Educator

As an arts educator for a local high school, Mary Ellen Carsley gets to work with artists of all ages and abilities. For her, seeing and helping young people is one of the best ways she keeps pushing herself as an artist. Her process from biking and exploring, to sketching and then printing is fascinating and expand the importance of each of her pieces. Find out more about Carsley and her history (as well as her new found love for iguanas).

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Wil Talk Episode #4

Mike McSorley, oil painted of the mundane and beautiful

Mike McSorley works with oil and screwdrivers, and teapots, and fruit. His classical subjects, along with his plein air art, make for a body of work that is both colorful and still, vibrant and in motion.

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Wil Talk Episode #5

Carole Falk, a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Mother, artist, and possible comedian – Carole P. Falk joined Wil Scott on June 2nd, 2020, for a talk on her and her history as an artist. Falk, like many MFA Members, didn’t dive head first into art. Taking an art class when she was younger was just a way to pass time while she was expecting her first child, and clearly grew into something more. Her aesthetic of minimalist space and strong marks came from another class where she learned the art of calligraphy and Chinese characters. Ceramics and welding came a little bit later, but through all her mediums Falk continues to express a truly unique style.

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Wil Talk Episode #6

Allen Alexopulos – Woodturning and Woodworking and Learning

Alexopulos has put his heart and soul into woodturning for the past 20 years – and thankfully hasn’t lost any digits in the process. We love having local Annapolis artists come and show their work on Wil Talks, especially when it’s something as cool as woodworking and carving. As with many MFA Members, it all started for Allen with a community class and became a garage filled with all the toys.

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Wil Talk Episode #7

Deborah Banker, ceramicist exploring the feminine figure

Banker’s ceramic sculptures focus on feminine forms through a series all about finding the goddess within. The simplicity of her work certainly stems from a need to explore and create on her own terms and the products which come out of that exploration have developed into a body of work that she never sees ending.

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Wil Talk Episode #8

Edward Shmunes – Photographer and Digital Collager

Shmunes’ photography is out of this world. It’s because he decides what parts of the world he wants to mix to create his collages. Check out more of Shmunes’ work and where he gets his inspiration from.

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Wil Talk Episode #9

Barbara Stubbs, bronze and found object artist

Stubb’s work with bronze and found objects is frankly stunning, but where she draws her inspiration from and the motifs she selects turns the beauty of her work into a fascinating glimpse into an artist’s mind.

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Wil Talk Episode #10

Shannon West – chemistry with crystals and books

West is an MFA Member who lives and works in Ohio. Her mixed medium sculptures involve a chemists’ touch since she uses a mix of old books and crystals to create her series about femininity. 

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