Kass McGowan

Learn about the art of mixed media¬†and assemblage. Kass McGowan, a Maryland artist, talks and shows her artwork, inspiration, and process. See Kass’s studio and watch her arrange, create, and weld!

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c.l. bigelow

Maryland artist c.l. bigelow shows her exploration of materials, using leftovers, trash, and detritus to create inspired art.

“For me, it’s the finding something new. Disassembling then reassembling something new, while remembering that someone else has already touched everything that I’ve touched.¬†”

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John Jensen

See John’s process of throwing a bowl on the pottery wheel and a take look inside his studio.

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DH Banker

Learn about the process of carving a sculpture from a piece of alabaster. DH walks you through all of the steps, from rough stone to the finished artwork. See her studio setup and her artwork.

“I’m still learning new things about how to do it better, more efficiently, more interesting.”

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