2020 hasn’t been the year any of us expected. Our previously scheduled Studio Tours for this year had to go digital – and now we can see our Members at work whenever we want. Members welcomed us into their sheds, professional studios, basements, living rooms and everywhere else they work on and display their art. Take a look at where MFA Members create the art that we love so much.

Jayne Shatz

Shatz comes to us from her own home where she works, displays, and finds inspiration. Her collection spans not only her studio but even her living room. Check out her extensive personal collection and listen to her history moving from a ceramicist into a painter and back and forth.

Allen Alexopulos

Allen Alexopulos has all the toys. His woodworking shed is a trip, and he shows us where he keeps his supplies and all the beautiful pieces he’s made recently.

Jen Sterling

Jen Sterling’s studio is the most organized collection of paint, pallets, and canvases we’ve ever seen. It would have been so much fun to talk in person and peruse her archive of finished pieces, but a short tour through everything will have to do. Until we can be there in person!

Carolyn Councell

Carolyn Councell studio is a tranquil space with flowing light and all the tools she needs to make her art. Check out some of her recent pieces and Carolyn’s thoughts on where her art started as a young woman.

Mischelle Wilbricht

Wilbricht’s dining room is just the perfect amount of space for laying out large pieces of fabric. There are never enough batiks in the world, and all her work, from nightlights to intricate landscapes, are part of a healing process and bring such a feeling of calm.

Kathy Dove

Take a walk around Dove’s home studio, where she’s integrated her silk art into her own way of living. Her philosophy on what an artist’s studio can be is also spot on.

Patrice Drago

Patrice Drago’s desk is semi-homemade and 100% perfect. The fact that she has two studios is probably part of why she feels free to get creative with both of her spaces.

Elaine Weiner-Reed

Elaine came into her art the way many of MFA’s artists do – by accident. Pursuing her art and in all it’s different forms and mediums is all about her figuring out how to express something inside.