Me & My Art Monday: Meet Andrée Tullier

By July 7, 2014 Me & My Art, Member News

This week’s featured artist: Andrée Tullier, member (this time around) since 2007:

andreetullier-bio-blog-picME:   My interest and passion for art started early – in grade school. In high school I was drawn to Impressionism and became passionate about the color of light in nature, which continues to both amaze and challenge me. I have a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an Art Education degree from Bowie State University. I taught high school art for a short time and then embarked on a graphic design career.

Returning to my passion in 2001, I studied with John Ebersberger, who introduced me to the Cape School of Art’s color, and portrait artists Cedric and Joanette Egeli, and I continue to study with them.  I spent a great deal of time studying with Abigail McBride. I take classes with Rick Casali, and also with master sculptor Stephen Perkins who has had a big impact on my knowledge base. Sculpting the portrait and figure in order to understand form in space has elevated my skills and abilities to paint the portrait and figure in a setting.

Living in Annapolis, I am fortunate to work in a beautiful north light studio in Edgewater that provides the ideal setting for my indoor work and commissioned portraits.   

andreetullier-eveninggaze-pastel-18x14MY ART:  Portraiture is my primary work, although I paint and draw the figure, still life and landscape. I would have to say that portraiture and the figure offer much inspiration. In a portrait, I strive to convey the character of the person. The slightest stroke of the brush or pastel can change my intention of the portrait and/or the sitter’s expression. In figurative work… well, the form of the human figure is just magnificent. Posing the model to elevate the form is something that I continually work on and study.  To see my work and what I’m up to, visit my website at

MFA & ME: Right out of college I joined MFA and was juried into Works on Paper. After I left my career in graphic design I rejoined.  MFA has been a welcomed venue for exhibiting my work, where I have participated in two Mélange exhibits as well as juried and non-juried exhibitions. When introducing artists to the MFA, I always mention the variety of exhibits and opportunities that exist. And, I have to say that meeting other artists has been a good benefit!


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