Paint Annapolis Award Winners

By July 3, 2014 Paint Annapolis
Paint Annapolis Downtown - photo courtesy of Kenneth Tom

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Tom

Paint Annapolis was a great success by all accounts!  Even the weather cooperated.

After a fantastic week of plein air painting by our 27 accepted artists, juror Billyo O’Donnell had a tough job – he had to single out paintings to receive awards.

How it worked: On Tuesday, the artists had the option of painting anywhere in Anne Arundel County, and from Wednesday on, they were to paint within the city of Annapolis. Each artist chose two of the paintings they created during the week to be considered for awards.  They also had an opportunity to win a Nocturne Award if they painted during the Nocturne (which was open to the public for participation) in the designated Arts & Entertainment District and entered it separately into the Nocturne competition. And lastly,  they had the chance to win a Dueling Brushes award.

The awards:  (This list plus pictures will all be on the MFA website soon.)

  • Overall Paint Annapolis Awards
    • 1st Place – David Lussier
    • 2nd Place – Lynn Mehta
    • 3rd Place – Hai-Ou Hou
  • Nocturne Juried Artist Awards
    • 1st Place – David Diaz
    • 2nd Place – Meg Nottingham Walsh
    • 3rd Place – Karen Scannell
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Rick Casali
    • Gary Pendleton
    • Michael Kotarba
  • Special Awards
    • Lee Boynton – Anne Arundel County Award
    • Jill Peckelun – A&E District Award (2)
    • Peter  Emerson – Naval Academy Award
  • Dueling Brushes Awards
    • 1st Place – David Lussier
    • 2nd Place – Tim Kelly (public artist)
    • 3rd Place – Karen Scannell
    • People’s Choice – Joseph Palmiero

Artists from the general public that painted during the Nocturne were also eligible for awards.

  • Nocturne Public Awards
    • 1st Place –  Nina Ellsworth
    • 2nd Place – Laurie Hewitt
    • 3rd Place – Murray Taylor

Thank you to all of the Paint Annapolis artists, our Juror, Billyo O’Donnell, the MFA members who volunteered during the event, and all of you who participated by painting or appreciating the artists at work, for making this a festive, enjoyable and successful event.

A special shout-out to Carol Cowie and Jeff Potts of Signs by Tomorrow for the gorgeous and impressive banners up and down the Historic District. Did you know? Each banner had a different painting on it; one from each of our accepted participating artists. Their presence made a clear statement that Annapolis embraces art!  


Billyo O'Donnell jurying Dueling Brushes - Photo courtesy of Kenneth Tom

Billyo O’Donnell jurying Dueling Brushes – Photo courtesy of Kenneth Tom

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Tom

Dueling Brushes Awards at City Dock – Photo courtesy of Kenneth Tom


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