Me & My Art Monday: Meet Sharon Navage

By May 26, 2014 Me & My Art, Member News

This week’s featured artist:  Sharon Navage, member since 2013:

Sharon NavageME:  I live in Odessa, Texas. I have always been an artist. I am driven to work on my art. I have been very fortunate to have traveled extensively and whether the piece is based on one of these trips or my own back yard; there is inspiration everywhere.  I drew, sewed, painted t-shirts and I print my logo, learned batik, photographed, Chinese brush painting, then I fell in love with watercolor.  For a large number of years I was enamored with the brush and watercolor. That is, until I took a printmaking course and printmaking became my new love…you guessed it:  I discovered I could combine any number of the materials I loved and it became mixed media! There I believe my heart will stay because I can combine anything; digital, painted, sewing, printed plates, relief prints, encaustic, layered, collaged…and the list goes on.

Sharon Navage, My Favorite Shirt, Intaglio Print

My Favorite Shirt, Intaglio Print

MY ART:   My process for creating art?  Wake up with an idea triggered, by something read, heard or seen. Spend the day in my studio with the music on and work. It is where my soul is fed.  Even if I don’t love what I created that day; a day spent in my studio creating is a gift!  I am extremely prolific. Some pieces I finish quickly. Some pieces are not finished for a long time.   

I use a camera, Photoshop and other software. I print and make my plates, sometimes carved relief, sometimes intaglio. I pick up and recycle anything that looks interesting to me. It becomes fair game to be included in my art. I am a paper hog. I love the way it feels when you touch it. I paint, mark, glue, cut, paste, sew; whatever the pieces calls for to be finished.   Come see my work at: or follow my page on Facebook at:

MFA & ME:  I have only been a member for just a year, but feel very special to be included in as many shows as I have been. Thank you from Texas for such a special place.


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