Me & My Art Monday: Meet Martha Campbell

By July 13, 2015 Me & My Art, Me & My Art Monday

Meet this week’s featured artist and staff member, Martha Campbell.  Our newest intern, she started in June this year (just in time to jump right in to Paint Annapolis!):


ME:  I am a native-born Annapolitan currently attending Broadneck High School (BHS) and I will be a senior in the fall. I am the head of the Film Honors Society, president of the International Thespian Society, head of the BHS Cappies Critics, and participate in drama club, improve club, and Ultimate Frisbee.



MY ART:   In addition, I am a two-time award-winning filmmaker/cinematographer. Last year I won the BHS Underground Film Festival award for Best Technical Film and this year for Best Overall Film. My style changes depending on what is going on in my life. I pull inspiration mostly from my everyday experiences and from pop culture. Last year, while I was still getting accustomed to creating and producing films, I leaned a lot on my Shakespearian background for content by taking scripts and filming them in minimalist ways. Now I am working on comedy with a series I am producing called Two Guys on a Couch, the first of which won the Best Overall award at my school’s Film Festival. The premise of these shorts is simply two guys on a couch having bizarre discussions, sometimes with unusual circumstances. I try to make the films feel as awkward as I can by using very little sound and minimal dialogue. I may not have fancy equipment or amazing software but I try so hard to film art that best creates or recreates my emotions. Check out my films here.

MFA & ME:   MFA is one of the most unique job experiences I’ve ever had. Working here has pulled back the curtain of the art world for me; it’s not all sparkles and champagne, a lot of hard work goes into creating the presentation that everyone else gets to enjoy, and everything I have accomplished here feels so rewarding. I may just be an intern, but I still feel like a necessary cog in this machine. The MFA is filled with creative, funny, and beautiful people and I feel honored to work with and for all of you.



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