Hannah is Counting on You!

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MFA is participating in The Great Give this year to help fund a fellowship for Hannah Sturm  – a young woman who wants a start in an arts management career. 

Hannah copyHannah lives in Arnold MD and graduate in May from St. Mary’s College summa cum laude, majoring in performing arts and minoring in curatorial studies. We are lucky that she found us and can’t wait to give her this opportunity.

…..from Hannah

When I think about how I got my current job at MFA, good timing, luck, and opportunity all come to mind. My parents remind me that it was also a lot of hard work that brought me to a great job in a field I love so soon after graduating college. But mostly, I feel lucky. And I feel grateful.

I am grateful that MFA has provided the opportunity for me to work here since October, and I am so grateful for the opportunity of a yearlong full time Arts Management Fellowship that I will start in June when Mia leaves MFA. Sometimes I can’t believe that I have this opportunity right in front of me – that I am receiving such incredible experiences from a wonderful group of people, and that I will have the stability of a full time job, which is a precious thing at my age.

I am grateful that the membership of MFA is so supportive of me (especially as I learn the ropes and tell you that I need to figure it out and call you back) and of everything that MFA seeks to achieve in our community – exposure for artists, awareness of the importance of art, and a creative outlet for the community in so many ways.

During my fellowship, I will try my hardest to continue giving back everything I can to the arts community. There are so many reasons why my work is important to the community and to all of you, but this work is also very important to me.

MFA’s Fellowship gives someone with limited experience a chance, and a solid foundation for a future. MFA gives me training, education, and connections that are impossible to put a value on. MFA gives me exposure to many new things that have taught me about our community, non-profits, the arts, and myself. And these gifts from MFA haven’t just come from Joann, Mia, and our board members. They also come from all of you.

During the 24 hours of the Great Give, I am going to ask for one more gift. I’m asking all of you for $15, the minimum donation allowed during the Great Give. Last year we raised $22,000. I would love to have my fellowship funded in the same way that MFA gets everything done – with a lot of people contributing what they can to make something meaningful.

So mark you calendars for The Great Give – from 6 pm May 5 to 6 pm May 6. 2015greatgivebtnDon’t worry – we’ll send you an email to remind you.

Hannah is counting on you!

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