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By April 23, 2015 Give $15 in '15

Did you know that it costs MFA $165 to hang a picture on the wall?

It’s not because we have expensive walls (we don’t) or because we hire expensive installers (they’re all volunteers), or because we waste money (our expenses, after paying for staff, have actually decreases by 5% in the past 10 years).

It’s just that it costs money to keep the doors open, the lights on and Circle Gallery staffed..and we’ll get back to staff.

Fee incomeAnd fees only cover 34% of that cost – the rest we have to raise, mostly from fundraising. In fact, fundraising accounts for 40% of all MFA income

That’s why once a year – and only once a year – we reach out to

everyone to support MFA during The Great Give from 6 pm May 5 to 6 pm May 6.

The Great Give is a 24-hour fund-a-thon put on by the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County. It’s a chance for us to get small donations of $15 or more – and potentially win more than $10,000 in prize money. And MFA has won the $10,000 prize – twice!

This money helps to make up the difference between a $35 fee (our average entry fee) and the $165 it costs to exhibit the artwork.  And it helps pay for staff – staff that not only mans the gallery but also helps with exhibits, promotion, entries, payments, sales, questions, directions …everything that we do to make interaction with Circle Gallery good for the artist – and the art lover!

This year, monies raised through The Great Give will help fund a fellowship for Hannah LR-1Hannah Sturm – a local young woman with a bright future in arts management.

So mark your calendars for May 5 and 6 – don’t worry, we’ll remind you!

Hannah is counting on you!



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