Paint Annapolis 2015

By April 7, 2015 Paint Annapolis

Mark your calendars for Paint Annapolis,  June 8-14. Congratulations to the accepted artists who will be participating in the competition:

David Diaz –

Lee Boynton –

Joanne Geisel –


Seal Launch by Katie Cundiff

Kathleen Kotarba

Lynn Mehta –

Jackie Clark – 

Greg Johannesen –

Stephanie Amato

Mansion Reflections by Stephanie Amato

Monique Kendikian-Sarkessian

Michael Kotarba

Bruno Baran –

Raymond Ewing –

Dennis Young –

Joseph Palmerio –

Ned Mueller –

Elise Phillips –

Elissa Gore –

Joe Palmerio

Street Scene Maryland Avenue by Joseph Palmerio

Jeremy Shires –

Stephanie Amato –

Suzanne Morris –

Elizabeth Rhoades –

William Rogers –

Carol Maguire –

Russell Jewell –

Katie Cundiff –

Beth Bathe –

Anne Snyder –

Elaine Lisle –

Pratima Rao –

Carol Maguire

Blue Cottage by Carol Maguire

Paul George –

Karen Scannell – www.karenscannellart.jimdo

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