Me & My Art Monday: Meet Terry Peterson

By April 6, 2015 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist: Terry Peterson, member since 2004:

tcpetersonME: I have studied and worked with art all my life, beginning with private lessons as a child. After graduating magna cum laude from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, I entered the art work world, working as a t-shirt and poster silk-screener, medical school and hospital illustrator, art teacher, art camp director, and publication and outdoor exhibit designer. Over the past few years, I have devoted more time to my personal art, returning to oil painting, particularly plein air; figure sketching; and photography, which I use to create dramatic collages. I have exhibited in several solo and group shows throughout Maryland. I reside in Annapolis.


Vine, Terry Peterson

MY ART:  Through the elements of line, shape, value, color and texture, I hope to expose the exceptional qualities of daily scenes we take for granted. My work highlights a thoughtful intimacy and serenity in the relationship of artist to subject. My painting technique involves building up areas of color and value through thin layers of transparent color, achieving a rich textured surface that is vibrant with color. Most of my paintings start from life, but I use reference photos  to fine-tune and finish the paintings in my fourth floor studio. There, I step back from the immediacy of the life or plein air painting and address the more academic principles of art. My design background led me to use my original photographs and Photoshop to create dramatic and unique collages. I employ the ancient technique of collage in the contemporary world of electronic media by combining and manipulating photographs into dramatic and unique images. The chance associations of disparate visual elements and the subsequent images suggest a new and richer reality.

MFA & ME:  In my more than a decade as a MFA member, I have participated in a variety of shows and activities. The Circle Gallery is a beautiful and unique space in the historic district showcasing a great variety of work and styles. Through my involvement, I’ve made many good friends who encourage and support art and our community.


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