Me & My Art Monday: Meet Carmelo Cianco

By March 16, 2015 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist:  Carmelo Cianco, member since 2013:

Carmelo CiancioME & MY ART:  I was born in Sicily. I now live in Huntingtown, Maryland, and that is where my studio is located.  I studied art at American University in watercolors and oils. However, after my professional career began, watercolors and oils quickly gave way to the challenging and uncommon medium of scratchboard. I love the total control the medium provides me and its unusual effects. The reverse of a normal black on white drawing, scratchboards are stiff white boards covered with indigo paint. After I create the image, I painstakingly add layers of color using a technique I developed primarily through trial and error.

I have a passion for wildlife, and first fell in love with my natural surroundings in my very small hometown of Francavilla, Sicily. Until recently, wildlife has been the primary subject matter for most of my work. In the last few years I’ve been experimenting with some new techniques and subjects, from still life images to street scenes, and more. I want to take scratchboards to the limit. Some consider me one of the best in the scratchboard field, which is extremely flattering and humbling, but I still expect more from myself. I’m not even close to what I hope to ultimately accomplish.

C Ciancio, Fox on Scratchboard

Fox, Scratchboard, C Cianco

I’ve been honored with numerous honors and awards throughout my career, and donations of my art have raised over $500,000 for various conservation groups. I am most proud of the 1991 Maryland Governor’s Award for “significant contributions to conservation programs in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region.”

MFA & ME:  I have met many wonderful people and artists, and I hope to be able to show my art through MFA to the people in and around Annapolis.


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