Me & My Art Monday: Meet Kari Melen

By February 9, 2015 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist:  Kari Melen, member since 2012:

Kari MelenME:   I grew up in a small town in western Wisconsin where the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers meet. I had the urge to draw and paint when I was in grade school and high school. Then life got in the way and painting got pushed to the side in pursuit of other things. I continued to love art and sometimes the desire to paint would bubble up but I didn’t have the space (or time, I thought) to begin painting again. Around 2008 I began creating a space for arts and crafts in the basement of our home in Severna Park, MD. Over the next couple of years I experimented with the space, accumulated materials and the knowledge of how to use them properly. I talked with artist friends who helped me find direction when I got stuck and opened doors that I didn’t know existed.  I currently work full-time as a Quality Inspector at a factory in Laurel, MD while I continue learning and making art in my free time.

Kari Melen, CherryCordial

Cherry Cordial by Kari Melen

MY ART:   Still working to find my way, I now paint mainly in oils and watercolors. My favorite art is abstract but I am a bit shy about showing my works in that genre. I have used some of my abstract watercolors as backgrounds for mixed-media works or as parts of my “woven” projects. I have a series of bird paintings called “Cage Free” that continues to grow and inspire ideas for more projects.  See my work on my blog:

MFA & ME:  I joined MFA in 2012 after hearing about it at the Annapolis Art Walk and have enjoyed meeting members and joining more and more shows. It is a real thrill for me to be part of the 2015 Artists Melange.


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