Me & My Art Monday: Meet Steve Ember

By August 4, 2014 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist:  Steve Ember, member since 2013:

Steve EmberME:  I’m originally from Baltimore, but I have spent most of my life in northern Virginia.  I now live in West Springfield, VA.

While best known over the years either as an international broadcaster or as a music program host/producer at Washington, D.C.’s WETA, photography (which goes with my love of travel!), has always been there, right alongside the broadcast and voice-over work.  I’m also a writer, and I often talk about my photographic adventures in my blog, “Thunderflakes.”


Steve Ember_Matterhorn_Cloud_DeckMY ART:   It all started when my parents gave me a very basic little camera for my tenth birthday. By my late teens, I was getting more serious about photography, and with that came a succession of more advanced cameras.  Back then, and for many years to come, the fruits of such serious shooting were enjoyed in a darkened room to the whir-kachunk of a Kodak Carousel slide projector.

I eventually transitioned to digital, getting my first serious D-SLR in 2008. I still shoot film as well as the digital – keeps me honest!  It remains a connection to my photographic roots, when one simply had to learn all the steps…rather than let an automated camera make all the decisions for you. Not that one can’t be a “serious” photographer with digital, but those 36 frames in a film SLR do force one to be more deliberate. And, I have to say, there’s something comfort-food-y about using a fully manual film SLR like my Nikon FM.

My photography includes Alpine and other landscapes, cityscapes (including night scenes), railroad and aviation subjects, people, pets, the passing scene.  Sometimes I indulge in flights of fancy by creating abstracts and other impressions from original images, such as my “Dreamscapes,” one of which appeared in the MD Art @ College Park exhibit. You can see a sampling of my work by clicking the Photography link on my website,

MFA & ME:  It’s been great renewing my association with MFA, and now that I have retired from the “day job,” I look forward to seeking out further opportunities for both shooting and exhibiting.


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