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By June 30, 2014 Me & My Art, Member News

This week’s featured artist:  Margaret Boynton, Gallery Director:

This is a special post, as Margaret has a message for everyone:


Margaret Boynton, photo courtesy of Carol Donahue

ME:  Growing up with both a father and an aunt that are working, professional artists – Lee Boynton and Margaret McWethy – meant that art has always been very naturally a central part of my life. It hasn’t always been a straight or easy path to follow, because artists really do have to create their own careers. To be able to do that is a gift. My goal is to find a career that is more than just a steady job; a vocation that allows me to use my creative skills and make a difference by sharing my passion for art.

MY ART:  I am still trying to discover my voice through my work. It is challenging because I have so many interests, including sewing, ceramics, oil painting, and there are so many other techniques I want to learn and materials I want to use. Many of the artists I have met at MFA are beautiful and inspiring people, and in many ways, building connections between them has become my latest art form.

Margaret Boynton_Pines

Pines, by Margaret Boynton

MFA & ME:   Working at MFA Circle Gallery as Gallery manager has been such a wonderful blessing in my life, and has really given me so much traction in understanding my next creative and career-oriented step. I am deeply appreciative of the incredible opportunity to work with Joann Vaughan – who has been an outstanding boss and mentor. Joann has a real gift for recognizing peoples’ strengths and empowering them to do good work.  But what makes MFA such a special place is how everyone works so well together as a team.

These two years I have learned so much about by own personal strengths. I have made so many friends here; Sharon Arsenault, David Diaz, Carol Donahue, Carol Tessier, Carol Cowie, Patrice Drago, John Jensen, and many others. I have reached out to artists from NY and locally; asked questions about their work. I have taken a web design course that I was completing during Collector’s Choice last fall. I have met so many artists by assisting them with their entries and admiring their work.

And finally, I have helped facilitate our team efforts with Paint Annapolis by supporting our artists from start to finish. Paint Annapolis really gave me insight about how art has the power to build a community; it gives creative people affirmation and when people are affirmed the whole community benefits.

What’s next?  I’m excited and sad at the same time:  Paint Annapolis will conclude my work at MFA. I’m going to pack up my little 14-year-old Honda Civic and drive out west with my art supplies. This is an adventure that I’ve dreamed about for many years and I think it would be interesting to reach out to artists that have entered MFA shows over the years. After all, MFA has an index of every imaginable artist from across the US. I would also like to blog about my trip and submit my entries to the MFA blog page on a regular basis. But as for now, I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

I am hoping to attend the reception at MD Art @ College Park – July 11, as a final farewell. (Still tentative!)

It has been great – thank you all, and I promise to stay in touch! 


A note from the Editor:  We look forward to hearing from Margie as she crosses the country, and will happily post updates she submits to the blog!   We will miss her and wish her well on her exciting adventure!



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  • karimel209 says:

    Best of luck Margaret. I can’t wait to hear all of your adventures.

    Thank you for always being so kind.

  • DH Banker says:

    Good luck on your adventure Margie! It has been wonderful having you as a presence @ MFA.

  • Maggie says:

    Margaret, that was so beautifully written. You have been such a positive force in me building my career after I moved to Annapolis three years ago. I never had that in Richmond and I graduated from Art school there. Every time I had “stupid” questions, I would ask you first because you never treated it like it was a stupid question. I’m flattered that you felt comfortable to ask me to gallery sit and I always wanted to do the best job for you. You are a motivator and a leader.