Me & My Art Monday: Meet Roopa Dudley

By June 2, 2014 Me & My Art, Member News

This week’s featured artist:  Roopa Dudley, member since 2013:

?????????????????????????????????ME:   I am a painter – an Epicurean Artist living in Severn, MD, and the author of ‘A Strategic Painter: Mastermind Your Craft’.  I am Myers-Briggs INTJ and Enneagram #5 Iconoclast. Previously, I was an Urdu Language Translator for NSA and won several awards during the dozen years I worked there. The common thread for me has always been communication – whether it is verbal, nonverbal, written or visual. I have a BA in Humanities and a minor in Psychology & Art History. My first love is painting and I pursue it now relentlessly, passionately and ambitiously. I am fortunate to have a 13’x13’ studio in my house.

SELF-ACTUALIZED PAWN 2013_lrMY ART:  My artwork revolves around Chess, which is not just a board game to me, but also a way of life. It has influenced and shaped my life in many ways by teaching me to think strategically, and to be organized, decisive, and mission-orientated, and it has also taught me the value of teamwork and collaboration. It is a game of struggle – one that I can relate to as an artist. I like the geometric shapes of the chess pieces, the feel of their glossy texture and the sound they make moving from one square to next. Because the word ‘INFINITE’ turns me on and excites me – it makes my mind wander and dream – what I like most of all about chess is that it offers endless possibilities within a confined space and with a limited number of pieces. I use saturated colors because I like their intensity and the euphoric effect they have on my mood and emotions.  Visit my Blog site at

MFA & ME:  I joined MFA in June 2013 after my work ‘Splendorous Pastimes’ got accepted in a juried exhibit at the University of Maryland. Then as a member, two of my pieces were juried into the Anne Arundel County Artists Exhibit at Quiet Waters Park. MFA has given my work much-needed exposure, and I enjoy being an active member of this organization. I am looking forward to exhibiting more of my works with MFA in the future. The staff is friendly and treats artists with much love and respect that we deeply appreciate.


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