Three Steps to Give $10 Success

By May 1, 2014 MFA

GG_MFA_Logo_EditedWe know we’ve been talking a lot about Give $10 in the past few weeks. That’s because it is important to us, and with the opportunity for your $10 donation to equal an extra $10,000 for MFA we hope it’s important to you too.

For MFA to win the additional prize again this year, we need you (our biggest supporters and the people most likely to be reading our blog) to do more than just give. We need you to help get your friends, family, and coworkers to Give $10 to MFA through this year’s Great Give.

With these three strategies, from MFA Executive Director Joann Vaughan, you can help MFA make Give $10 a huge success:

1) Identify why you are asking people for money.

If MFA’s mission and services are important to you they are probably important to your friends and family as well. Whether you are an artist who’s benefitted from MFA’s exhibition opportunities, an art lover who enjoys visiting the Circle Gallery, or a person who believes in the richness of a community that supports artistic expression, your reasons for supporting MFA will resonate with the people in your life.

2) Identify who you are asking.

You can ask more than just your family and friends. Send an ask to everyone from your email address books. Put up a message on your Facebook page. Ask your coworkers. Last year, Joann’s high school was having a reunion, so she asked everyone from her class.

3) Selectively, ask your family and friends who they can ask.

Your friends and family probably have people they can ask to give too. You might be surprised at how happy they are to participate. Joann not only asked her in-laws to Give $10, she asked her children to ask their in-laws. Her dad asked his business partners and her mother asked her friends – and one even gave anonymously from Paris. 

You can learn more here, about how Joann got 75 friends to Give $10 last year. She is making her list again. Are you making yours? With your help, we can work together to raise more money for MFA.

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