Me & My Art Monday (Revised): Meet Mike Driscoll

Meet this week’s featured artist, Mike Driscoll; member since 2014:1-1-IMG_1143

ME:  A resident of Kent Island, MD since the end of 2000, I am a largely self-taught late-bloomer, having only gotten serious in 2006. My home is my studio with rooms and halls full of glass panes, cardboard backs, mattes & frames. My first floor walls are my personal gallery, consisting of other people’s works plus my own mistakes. I find comparing other people’s successes with my failures quite instructive, both as inspiration and correction. While I have posted my efforts on Facebook, where they have met with good reception, I have only recently put myself out there with galleries & exhibitions, thanks to the encouragement of people who comment on my work.


Wenocur  My Art: Once upon a time I wanted to be a writer. I took that as far as I could till I ran out of words. Now I use the digital camera to speak. It’s more challenging, more fulfilling, sometimes more infuriating, and a damn sight more fun. The camera is a box to capture light that can become pictures or even memories. My eyes are the most important part of my camera collection. They are the way I look, really look at the world, even to be in the world not just on it. The camera is my second language. With it, I abstract detail such as textures, angles, light and reflection, to see the familiar in new ways. Photographic side interests include street photography, entertainment, lifestyle and event genres, plus film photography. I came late to the dance, but if I’m not exactly there yet, I feel I’m finding my way.  Past and present exhibit venues include the Kent Island Federation of Art and Island Arts in Stevensville, Chestertown River Arts, Easton Gallery of Photographic Arts, the Dragonfly Galleria in St. Michael’s, MD, Liv Again in Cambridge, MD, Wimsey Cove Maps & Art, and online at   

I belong to a number of associations, including the National Press Photographers Association Annapolis Art Alliance, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Kent Island Federation of Art, Maryland State Arts Council, Dorchester Center for the Arts (DCA) and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

MFA and ME:  I joined MFA sine this past winter, I hope I prove worthy of your time.  


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