MFA Membership: Your free marketing tools. Yes – FREE!

MFA loves its members.   We want each and every member to take advantage of all the marketing tools available free of charge through our website and blog.  If you haven’t already, today is a good day to start!

Free Marketing Tool #1:  Me & My Art Monday

Every Monday, we feature an MFA member on the blog.  We introduce you to the entire blog readership.  We post a picture of you, so everyone can virtually “meet” you, and we include an image of your artwork.  You get to share a little bit about you, describe your art and your process and we post a link to your website and Facebook page.  And it’s not just for artist members – we are looking to feature all members, so if you an art enthusiast, we’d like to introduce you too.

Why is this a great benefit?

  • Our blog subscribers consist of more than just MFA members; they are art enthusiasts and others just generally interested in what is happening in the Maryland art scene and MFA.
  • It builds community – the next time you are out and about, perhaps at a Circle Gallery reception, someone is likely to come up to you and say:  I saw your feature on the blog!  I love your work! Nice.
  • We use # tags, and our blog posts never expire.  It’s out there adding to your statistics for search engines to find you.  This is a huge benefit for your online presence.

To see examples of past Me & My Art Monday featured artists, click on the “Me & My Art” category in the right column of this blog.

If you are interested in being featured, read this blog post for instructions, and then please contact me at and we will get you posted!

Marketing Tool #2: MFA website Member Portfolio – Your own mini website page!

This is huge.  MFA is delighted to offer this new  benefit provided by our fabulous online entry master Frank Arsenault.  We are proud of the breadth and depth of our talented membership, and now we can show you off!

You can do it yourself:  You simply type in a bio and artist statement, and upload pictures of your work to create a Member Portfolio on the MFA website.  Everyone who visits the website will have the ability to browse the member portfolios from the “Membership” and “Support the Arts” pages.  Go there now to see a few portfolios already created and get an idea of what you want to do.  

In today’s world, having an online presence keeps you relevant and part of the discussion. And this is free, and comes with the MFA search engine power behind it.  So if you don’t have a website yet, please please take advantage of this.  If you already have a website, then you know the value this can have in driving more traffic to your existing site.  We hope to have portfolios of all of our members – your next collector just mind find you here! 

It’ very easy, and we’ve provided step by step instructions on the “I am a Member” page, (The link to I Am a Member is in the upper right corner of the website on all pages.).

These are free marketing tools to help build momentum for you and your art.  

Start now!


Patrice Drago,


About MFA