Me & My Art Monday: Meet Joan Owings

By March 2, 2015 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist: Joan Owings, member since 2012:

Joan OwingsME:  I grew up in rural southern Maryland, and have loved and expressed myself through art since childhood. My lifelong motivation has been the discovery and contemplation of beauty as I find it in what is a chaotic and at times overwhelming world. After living many years in Annapolis, I moved to the DC area and studied art basics at Maryland School of Art and Design in Silver Spring, MD; then turned my heart and mind to study in the Open Program at Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. At the Corcoran, accomplished instructors and respected artists challenged and encouraged me, and I learned to reach within and explore avenues of expression. I grew as an artist and as an individual.

Owings-Her Dream.jpg

Her Dream, Acrylic, Joan Owings

MY ART:  I push myself beyond strictly representational art to something less rigid, less formal, and more expressive. Over time, I’ve experimented with different techniques, genres and mediums. I learned that my beliefs and sentiments can be realized through a combination of objective scrutiny, subjective freedom, and the scope of my imagination. I search for truth in the honest reality of nature’s landscape. I find inspiration in the light and soul behind a portrait subject’s eyes. I want to portray my vision of form, shadows, and mystery. I enjoy the endless discoveries of color and composition. I want to explore and to show the diversity of our finite and infinite world. My goal is to embrace beauty as I see it, and share it with other seekers.

MFA & ME:  I joined MFA in 2012. To my surprise and delight, my first entry was juried into the “Basic Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water” exhibit in June 2012. A color photo of my painting was featured in the weekend issue of the “Capital Gazette.” I’ve found MFA to be an active and supportive source of possibilities for all levels of aspiring and accomplished artists. It’s always exciting to connect with others who share a love of fine art and a forceful wish for self-expression.


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