Art in Public Places Commission – Call for Entry & Invitation

By November 28, 2014 Call to Artists
The three unique small park areas are available for artists to submit proposals for installation.

AIPPC is offering $1000 to each artist chosen. Concepts, materials and lifetime of materials (withstand duration of installation outdoors).

The sites are:
1. The small city park on Compromise St in front of the Fleet Reserve.

2. A triangular traffic divider at Brooke and Amos Garrett Blvd.

3. The west end park at Back Creek Nature Park off Edgewood Rd.

Proposals and questions should be sent to:
Ellen Moyer
PO Box 3172
Annapolis, Md 21403

The Art In Public Places Commission
Invites you to our Annual Reception
Sunday, December 7
St. John’s College
Key Conversation Room
4-6 PM

Mark your calendar and join us for music, wine, light fare and a hearty Thank You on the first release edition of Public Art in Annapolis

The favor of a reply is appreciated…
Ellen Moyer at 443-370-1785 or

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  • Why don’t you email Ms Moyer and see if she has any photographs — or use Google Earth?
    MFA wasn’t sent any images – just trying to help spread the word. If you find anything on Google Earth or Google maps – feel free to share – I am sure many other artists would agree with you – although to submit a serious proposal, I am sure one would need to visit the locations.

  • roopadudley says:

    It would have been nice and helpful to “SEE” what these areas look like….all text no photos? We are all visual artists and a picture as the saying goes is worth a thousand words.