Me & My Art Monday: Carol Donahue

By November 24, 2014 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist:  Carol Donahue, member since 2009:

ME: I was born in Washington D.C., 3rd generation, but always lived in the surrounding suburbs of Maryland. For the last 30 years I’ve called Davidsonville home. I’m not sure if my love of photography is a genetic thing as my grandfather was a photographer/musician but when I saw images processed I was filled with the desire to capture the world as I saw it.  I began taking classes, and my family became my favorite subjects. I love that children make you live in the moment. It requires a spontaneity that becomes photojournalistic. During those early years I edited school yearbooks, gave presentations in the classroom on works of art and started photo clubs for students. Vacations were perfect opportunities to work on landscapes and seascapes.


Urban Abstract – II

MY ART:  As I sent my youngest off to college, I decided to return to classes, studying with Don Kneessi, a fine art photographer at AACC, for four years.  I especially liked using alternative methods where you pushed all aspects of photography. I learned a historic process first used in the 1800’s of Van Dyke, Kallitype and Cyanotype printing, which creates expressive, monochrome images. The process includes a multi-step procedure of hand coating paper, contact printing with sunlight exposures and finally the images are archivally fixed and toned. I recently returned to more traditional printing with a project of urban landscapes, inspired by “Six in the City”, a group show I participated in last year with 6 Artists – a group of women artists, all of whom were MFA members.  In my body of work, stylistically, you find an emphasis on light and line.  View a sampling of my work:

MFA & ME:   My time at MFA has been a perfect fit for my development as an artist. It has inspired me in every direction. I find that I learn and grow being in the company with artists of all disciplines. There is such a generous spirit of camaraderie at MFA, which seems to be a common theme among the members.  I am currently serving on the Exhibition committee.  To be a part of the amazing exhibitions and projects at MFA has been a great pleasure and honor. Behind the scenes you see the commitment, talent and ingenuity of the many volunteers, our gallery manager and our Executive Director – all of which makes MFA what it is!


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