Me & My Art Monday: Mark Peria

By November 17, 2014 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist:  Mark Peria, member since 2013:

picture_sm_cropME:  Growing up in the Philippines in a loving family, but in less than favorable conditions, it was not always a comfortable life. In addition, I have been living in pain since I can remember due to a venous complication that I was born with, spending more than a quarter of my life in hospitals and clinics.  I found an escape in art.  I drew on anything and everything, filling my schoolbooks and desks with doodles, drawings of my friends and daydreams, which got me into trouble more than a few times.  My uncle, an artist himself, noticed my potential and took me in as his apprentice. In 2002, my father, who had been working in the U.S. finally saved enough to bring me to Maryland.  It was a drastic change, and I felt very alone. Through it all the only constant was art. I continued to do it through high school and college, eventually getting an associate degree in Graphic Design at AACC. Now I work as a graphic and web designer for a small company in Arnold, and I live in Annapolis.

Fire_crop_840MY ART:  I like experimenting with a wide range of styles, often changing mediums and techniques even as I am working in the middle of a piece. I focus on portraiture but I have done everything from landscapes to abstraction. I just think that the human face is the most interesting subject matter. You can tell a lot about a person just by tracing the lines on their face, their eyes and how they look at you, and their facial reactions. Right now my main medium is markers and acrylics and I put it on whatever surface that I find interesting. Recently I’ve been working on translucent papers because it can take on the texture of wherever you hang the art.  Visit my website:

MFA & ME:  My experience at MFA has been amazing. The amount of inspiration that I’ve been getting from all the other artists has been phenomenal. I’ve made friends in the group and they’ve been very supportive and helpful in my progression. The MFA has given me the opportunity to show my art, and that to me is pretty much all I wanted:  for people to see my art.  

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