Me & My Art Monday: Elaine Weiner-Reed

By October 20, 2014 Me & My Art

This week’s featured artist:  Elaine Weiner-Reed, member since mid ’90’s:

Elaine Weiner-Reed Portrait Oct2014ME:  I was the odd duck in my Pennsylvania family: I knew I was an artist since the age of four. In the third grade, I experienced a life-changing event: my best colored picture to date was given a C by my teacher because I “did not copy exactly.” In that moment I knew my path as an artist was undeniable and irreversible. At University I minored in Sculpture and majored in French – my other love. I moved to Maryland in 1980 and got into 2-D work, painting: from landscapes in oils to abstract figures in water media. Since 1990, I have won awards and exhibited in over 25 national juried exhibitions in 20 states and Hong Kong, India, Poland, and Spain. I am a signature member of the Georgia and Baltimore Watercolor Societies, exhibiting five times in NYC. This July I attended an invitational Residency Program sponsored and funded by the Poland Ministry of Culture. My work is in permanent collections in Poland and the U.S.

MY ART:  I am an Abstract Expressionist and an Action Painter. My art is about unraveling the color and mystery of human emotions, behavior, and relationships, focusing on the individual within a group dynamic or setting.  Every painting is a song or a story, integrating life, gesture, history and emotion. Entering my basement studio, I turn on the music and tune into my intuition and emotion. I move around my painting in a painting-specific improvisational dance. I get messy and love it. Sometimes I work from sketches, but often I just head into the studio with my idea and mood, grab a handful of acrylic or latex paints that catch my eye, and dive in, mixing as I go, directly on the canvas. I rarely use mediums, but sometimes create an under-painting of texture and color using paint and plaster. I often have up to ten paintings in various stages of progress.  Visit my website:

Elaine Weiner-Reed Artwork 2014MFA & ME:  I first joined the MFA in the mid-1990’s because I needed to be part of an art community. Through the MFA (1998), I was honored to be selected for Lady Glendenning’s second of three American Landscape Exhibitions in the Capital Building in Annapolis. After a hiatus to raise my son, I rejoined the MFA in 2012, and it is within this community of artists that I have made wonderful friendships with like-minded professional artists who share my passion for art. 


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