A year at a glance at MFA

By May 6, 2014 Circle Gallery

No where else in Annapolis will you find so much  diversity and expression in every form of Art. MFA offers such a vast range of exhibition opportunities for artists working in every artistic medium from woven tapestries to small wonders to found object artworks. MFA brings current and innovative art to Annapolis offering rotating shows on a monthly basis. But through art MFA offers something greater than just the art on our walls, MFA provides a space for people to share their love for what they do. Our gallery is a place for healing. People come here to regenerate and reconnect with the healing power of the creative act. Art has the power to transmit and communicate ideas in a meaningful and personal way. Last year MFA celebrated our 50th anniversary, proudly upholding our mission to provide exhibition opportunities to artists at all levels. 50 years means that MFA has 50 years of dedicated volunteers and staff that can stand behind that mission and see it through to another 50 years. Here’s an image gallery of just some of the many events we offer:


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