How MFA Keeps the Doors Open

By April 2, 2014 Uncategorized

It takes money to run an organization – even a nonprofit organization.

While art is at the heart of MFA, it isn’t possible without sufficient income to keep the organization running. It’s a puzzle fitting together the different income streams that keep MFA’s doors open: Exhibition Fees, Membership Dues, Fundraising and Net Sales.


For MFA, like many nonprofits, the largest income stream is Fundraising.

Whether it is money gained through grants, earned through events (Collector’s Choice), or determined by donations, fundraising represents 42% of all the income gained by MFA.

That is why GIVE $10 is so important. GIVE $10 is part of The Great Give, a 24-hour fund-a-thon sponsored by the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County that runs from 6 pm May 7 to 6 pm May 8.

The money raised through GIVE $10 helps MFA fund outcomes (exhibitions) that are important but may not make money – like Gallery B or the Fiber Options exhibition or Juried Member Shows. It also helps MFA keep dues and exhibition fees as low as we possibly can.

Additionally GIVE $10 lets everyone participate. Through GIVE $10, MFA is not reliant on one or two major donors – but on the people who use out services and enjoy our outcomes, the artists and art lovers who visit our galleries – either physically or virtually.

But mostly GIVE $10 helps MFA do what we do best – exhibit current work by living artists.

Isn’t that worth $10?

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