Opens for Entry May 22, 2024

On Display Online October 15 – November 30, 2024

Introducing Elemental: Earth, Fire, Water, Air

What worldly elements do you resonate with? The foundations of our Earth? The intensity and light of flames? The calmness or raging tides of our seas? The freedom of taking flight into the endless sky? Early chemists believed Earth, fire, water, and air were the elements of life and reality, and when surrounded by them, it’s not hard to see why. All original 2D or 3D artwork involving any of the four elements, either by medium or subject, will be eligible for Maryland Federation of Art’s (MFA) online show. Entry will be open to all artists residing internationally. Works selected by the juror will be on display in MFA’s online gallery, Curve Gallery, from October 15 – November 30, 2024.

Exhibition Schedule:

  • May 22 Online Entry Open for Submissions
  • Aug 7 Entry Deadline
  • Sept 10 Notification @ 5 PM
  • Oct 15 Exhibition Opens Online
  • Nov 1 Awards Announced @ 5 PM
  • Nov 30 Last Day of Online Exhibition

MFA shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or inability to use, MFA’s online exhibition gallery.