Artwork by: Elizabeth Kendall,Wing and Wing I-III, Porcelain, Mélange 2018

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Mélange is a series of 2, 2-week exhibitions each consisting of 12 artists. Artists were selected at random during our annual membership party. To qualify for the Mélange drawing, each artist completed the following:

  1. donated a piece of artwork to our annual Collector’s Choice fundraiser
  2. completed volunteer hours with MFA in the past year
  3. entered a juried exhibition in the past year
  4. had been an MFA member at the time of the Mélange drawing

 Participating Artists


Melange I

Allen Alexopulos

Christopher B Fowler

Phyllis Jaffe

Elizabeth Kendall

Jane Knighton

Deborah Kommalan

Mike McSorley

Kari Melen

Ann Robinson

Jennifer Wilkinson Rynbrandt

Richard Starr

Andree Tullier

Melange II

Carol Cowie

Carol Donahue

Kathy Gardiner

Mary Ellen Geissenhainer

Shelia Guevin

Chris Kelsey

Nichole Leavy

jim mackey

Angela Petruncio

George Sass

Stacey Sass

Anne Sieling