Zenful, embroidery floss, miyuki/toho seedbeads, acrylic on canvas, Tracy Barwick for Melange II at Circle Gallery

How it Works.

Mélange is a series of 2, 2-week exhibitions each consisting of 12 artists. Artists were selected at random during our annual membership party. To qualify for the Mélange drawing, each artist completed the following:

  1. donated a piece of artwork to our annual Collector’s Choice fundraiser
  2. completed volunteer hours with MFA in the past year
  3. entered a juried exhibition in the past year
  4. had been an MFA member at the time of the Mélange drawing

Participating Artists

Melange I

Richard Niewerth
Perry Kapsch
William Edwards
Patrice Drago
Morgan Dwyer
Emily Carter Mitchell
Tracy Lambros
Maggie O’Leary
Deborah Kommalan
Elizabeth Kendall
Susan Fine
Christopher Fowler

Melange II

Sarah Jane Dunaway
Jennifer Rynbrandt
Tracy Barwick
Sarah Hood Solomon
Christine Rapa
Merrilyne Hendrickson
Jim Mackey
Chris Kelsey
Janice Hendra
Jane Knighton