<strong>Selection Juror: Christine Lashely</strong><br />

Selection Juror: Christine Lashely

Christine Lashley is a contemporary artist known for her colorful and dramatic images. From glittering pristine waterways to the glass reflections in cities, Christine is fascinated by how transparency and light can abstract a scene and transport the viewer to a new environment. Christine spent many years as a watercolor artist before moving primarily to oils in 2011. Exhibitions of Christine’s work include curated invitationals, museum shows, and gallery shows. She is a frequent participant in juried Plein Air painting competitions. Her numerous awards include Best of Show at Plein Air Telluride, Bath County, and Plein Air Texas. Publications include the cover of Plein Air Magazine. With a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and prior study at the Sorbonne and Parsons in Paris; Christine continued her art education with workshops from prominent artists including Scott Christensen, Skip Lawrence, and Charles Reid. She has taught in-person workshops and classes for over 30 years and is the content creator for, an online learning portal for instructional art videos and interactive lessons. See her work and learn more at

<strong>Awards Juror: Suzie Baker</strong><br />

Awards Juror: Suzie Baker

Suzie Baker is an award-winning artist whose paintings are regularly on display in magazines, prestigious national shows, and plein-air events. She has served on the board of Oil Painters of America since 2014, including presiding as president from 2020-2022. Suzie holds signature status in that distinguished organization as well as the American Impressionist Society, American Women Artists, and others. In addition to being a still life and portrait artist, Suzie has been painting en plein air since she was a teenager. A sought-after instructor, for her humorous and informative style, Suzie teaches through videos, virtual classes, and workshops around the United States, Europe, and close to her home in the Houston, Texas area.

<strong>Dueling Brushes: Abigail McBride</strong>

Dueling Brushes: Abigail McBride

Compelled to chronicle the life and world around her, Abigail Faye McBride paints with the heart of a poet. Her oil paintings and charcoal drawings bear witness to a time, person or passing glimmer of light. Abigail paints landscape, figure and still life working interchangeably with brush and palette knife. Collectors, nationally and internationally, appreciate the color, mood and elegance of her work. A consummate Cape School colorist, the draftsmanship in her work is born of an academic interest in the portrait and figure. Her work blends traditional subject matter with modern design sensibilities. She is part of a new breed of perceptual painters working from direct observation be it plein air or in the studio. Though often free of narrative, her work is grounded in the present day as a contemporary interpretation of genre painting. McBride has developed a reputation as a dynamic teacher and mentor. She hosts online classes with the option of joining tightly limited critique groups. She also teaches at Anne Arundel Community College and selected traveling workshops. She is advancing principles of visual understanding acquired from years of study.

<strong>Art on the Avenue Juror: Chanel Johnson</strong><br />

Art on the Avenue Juror: Chanel Johnson

Chanel Johnson is responsible for leading the programmatic plans and operations for the Banneker Douglass Museum, a component of the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture. As the State of Maryland’s official museum of African American heritage, the Banneker-Douglass Museum serves to document, interpret, and promote African American history and culture (particularly in Maryland) through exhibitions, programs, and projects in order to improve the understanding and appreciating of America’s rich cultural diversity for all. Supporting the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture, which is a unit of the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives — an executive-department agency, whose mandate to coordinate outreach efforts to communities, organizations, and local governments across Maryland serves as a unifying principle for all its departments.

 <b>Public Artists Juror: Katherine Burke</b></p>

Public Artists Juror: Katherine Burke

Katherine Burke is the Sole Proprietor of an eclectic art gallery housing a collection works by six Annapolis masters: Ann Munro Wood, Greg Harlin, Rick Casali, Roxie Munro, Moe Hanson, and Yoomi Yoon. The gallery includes works by Jay Fleming and also houses a large collection of black and white images of old Annapolis, circa 1884-1960. Located on Gallery Row in historic Annapolis, Maryland.

 <b>Teen Artists Juror: Laura Pasquini</b></p>

Teen Artists Juror: Laura Pasquini

As the director of the Corcoran’s Youth and Family Programs, Pasquini has revamped and revitalized the gallery’s approach to education with the aim of “empowering kids to confidence.” Most notable among her achievements is the growth in Corcoran ArtReach – an after school program that collaborates with community centers to reach 150-200 disadvantaged students a year. In one evaluation of the program, a parent called Corcoran Artreach “the best youth arts program in the area.” And this success has also brought Pasquini recognition, most recently as the winner of the 2009 UMBC Outstanding Alumni of the Year award for a graduate in the visual and performing arts. Pasquini points to a junior year internship at UMBC in the university’s Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture as a key moment in choosing a career in arts education, one which she says “changed my career and life outlook.” Working in conjunction with Arbutus Elementary School, Pasquini designed a program to introduce and integrate students into the world of art that included talks, tours of the UMBC Fine Arts Gallery and the creation of original works of art by students. The important thing, Pasquini recalls, was to find and reinforce connections between art and the students’ experiences.