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Christine Neill, Balance of Scales, watercolor on clayboard,  The XL-XS show 2012.

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Robin Street-Morris, Los Penasquitos Canyon VI, watercolor and soft pastel. American Landscapes 2015.

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Jan Kirsh, Figs, bonded marble with acrylic paint. Small Wonders 2016.

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Warren C. Chambers, Cut Lead (after Stella), lead. Small Wonders 2015.

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Elaine Frances Longstemps, BAILOUT, hand-painted cotton cord and mason line, inkjet on fabric. Art @ Fiber Options 2012.

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Tom Boddorff, Circle Gallery Photo.

David Diaz, Cumberland Valley, oil. Strokes of Genius 2012.

Nancy Evans, Odyssey, acrylic. Small Wonders 2015.

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Tammy Walla, My turn, digital image. Focal Point 2015.

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Alvin James Miller, Twisting River, photo on canvas. MFA @ Gallery B 2014.

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Alex Tolstoy, Balls, watercolor. Strokes of Genius 2016.

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Murray Taylor, Radiant Roof of Light, oil on canvas. Stormy Weather 2015.

Robert Cantor, First Birthday, oil on panel. MD art @ College Park 2013.

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Richard Niewerth, Falls at Patapsco, oil on canvas. Collector’s Choice 2014.

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Laara Cassells, Stephanie & a Women in a Flowered Shawl (after Salomon Counis), acrylic on dibond panel.

Nancy Marsha Abeles, Mad Man, acrylic. Strokes of Genius 2012.

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Lilianne Milgrom, Talking Heads, hand-sculpted porcelain. Small Wonders 2012.

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