What is Art Scouts?

Imagine if Girl Scouts had a month for their next badge to be announced, or every time you wanted to tackle a Pokémon gym you had to wait a month and didn’t know what type the leader was till you have to fight them.

It’s something like that.

But, really, joining Art Scouts is joining a community of young artists and enthusiasts ready to get into the Maryland art scene in a new and creative way. High school and college-age students are invited to connect with artists and MFA’s social network through monthly activities in order to introduce them to a profession they might be interested in (ie. artist, curator, life-long enthusiast) and give them a space to connect with those who share their love of art.

A community of young artists and art enthusiasts ready to get involved in the Maryland art scene in a new and creative way.

So can I be an Art Scout?

  • Are you a teenager?
  • Are you in college or high school?
  • Do you like art?
  • Do you have an email address?
  • Do you like pins, stickers, tote bags, bandannas, and parties?
  • Do you LOVE dogs?
That last one isn’t super important but Art Scouts is a space for young adults to get introduced to the MD art world. Your assignments will get emailed to you at the beginning of each nationally juried exhibition that MFA puts on and then you just have to complete the task and get your prize. PLUS – be on the look out for other Art Scout activities like parties and exhibitions just for Scouts!

Here’s how it works

So what are you waiting for?

Art Credits
Art Scout Logo by Maria Nardini
Keep Your Eye on the Ball, photography, by George Sass website