Structured to serve MFA Members and local artists, these monthly workshops will be led by MFA staff, local professionals, or artists. Workshops will touch on a variety of subjects: technology, artist demos, marketing, and social media.

Upcoming Workshops:

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Past Workshops:

Don’t Sell Yourself Short: How to Market Yourself as an Artist and Your Artwork

This panel consisted of Matt Klos (owner of Exeter Gallery in Baltimore, MD), Cynthia McBride (owner of McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD), and Bill Schmidt (MFA Member artist), and Jean Opilla (member of Quiet Waters Park Gallery in Annapolis, MD). They discussed topics including:

  • Mindset of a juror when deciding on pieces for a nationally juried show
  • How to make your work appealing to a nationally juried show
  • How to approach a commercial gallery
  • Benefits of gallery representation
  • What makes for a successful group show

The Image is Everything: How to Properly Frame and Photograph Your Work

This workshop consisted of presentations by Su Anne Martinez (owner of West Annapolis Fine Art and Framing) and Don Demet (MFA member artist). They provided insight and best practices regarding how to photograph your work in a way that is appealing and provides the best online representation; as well as how to frame your work in a way that enhances your artwork and makes it more attractive to viewers, collectors, and jurors.

What’s a Tweet Anyways?!: How to Create Your Social Media Presence

This workshop consisted of presentations by Rachel Lipton (successful food blogger, and social media marketing specialist for Laureate Education Inc.), Kristen McCurdy (former MFA communications manager), and Patrice Drago (MFA Vice President). Each of them discussed topics including:

  • Different social media platforms and what each of them can be used for
  • How social media can be used to brand one’s self
  • Successful social media campaigns they have been a part of