Light and Motion #2, archival pigment print, by Maria Tavares Rebelo

On Display January 10

Introducing Visual Harmony: Visual Art Interprets Performing Art
MFA is partnering with Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts to bring this exciting juried exhibition to Annapolis.

From Degas to Pollack, visual artists have both represented and been motivated by the performing arts. Whether depicting dancers, listening to jazz while painting, or creating sets or costumes for a play – all arts influence one another. MFA and Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts are partnering on an exhibition to celebrate the overlap between visual and performing art. Together, MFA and MHCA invite all artists residing in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to enter Visual Harmony. Any 2-D or 3-D work depicting, representing, or inspired by performing arts will be considered by juror Yumi Hogan.

 Click here for the downloadable prospectus.

Juror: Yumi Hogan, Maryland Institute College of Art.

Yumi Hogan is adjunct professor at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, MD. Prior, she served as adjunct faculty at Anne Arundel Community College, MD. She received her MFA degree at American University, Washington, DC and her BFA in painting at MICA. She has a broad knowledge of art and is an award-winning artist who combines traditional Asian painting in Sumi ink, acrylic paint and pigment with abstract expression. She is currently Maryland’s First Lady with interests that include public awareness and public support of art in Maryland.

Juror’s Statement

I am truly honored to be the juror for the “Visual Harmony: Visual Arts Interprets the Performing Arts” exhibition, formed from a special partnership between the Maryland Federation of Art and the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. Through the cooperation between two prominent art organizations, this exhibition opens the door for artists to showcase their interpretation of performing arts into visual.


Jurying for this exhibition has been both rewarding and challenging for me, especially with the diverse interpretations and various mediums of works to choose from. The pool of work illustrates the growing diversity of the art world and the diversity of the meaning of art. The definition of art continues to evolve, and I, too, welcome the opportunity to expand my perspectives on visual art.


I have seen an array of artworks, enunciating the profound moments in a performance and the unique stories behind each piece and its artist. My interests lie beyond the visually and aesthetically pleasing types, and into discovering an artist’s method of expression, such as their technique, medium, formula, and concept.


Each piece of art touched my heart and mind in a different way, and I responded with renewed interest each time. I am impressed by the way the artists have demonstrated their great range of artist expressions on how the performing arts can be interpreted into visual art through various mediums from creative sculptures, mixed mediums and etching, and digital photography.


It is an interesting time for new art to flourish, as the new generation brings forth an expanded array of mediums and perspectives to light.


Truly, this made it more difficult to select only a limited number of pieces. Although I viewed

the artworks in a subjective manner, I relinquished my own philosophy– a mixture of my academic standards and personal experiences – to take in the new perspectives.


My congratulations go out to all the artists on their hard work and for articulating their creative minds into a medium of art.


Thank you to MFA and their Executive Director, Joann Vaughn, for allowing me with this privilege to be a part of this special collaborated exhibition and to see all the works of the many talented artists.


Coming Soon

*Award contributors and recipients will also be listed in the exhibition catalog.

Information for Accepted Artists

Exhibition Schedule

Exhibition Schedule:

Sept. 10 Online entry opens for submissions.
Nov. 13 Deadline for entries.
By Dec. 7 All entrants notified by email. Check MFA website or contact MFA if you do not receive notice.
Jan. 2 – 4 Shipped work must arrive at Circle Gallery, 18 State Circle, Annapolis MD 21401.
Jan. 10 First day of exhibition.
Jan. 17 5:30 – 7 p.m*. Reception. Awards presented at 6:00 p.m.
Mar. 2 Last day of exhibition
Mar 3 
11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pick up artwork (no early pick up for any reason). There we be a $10 fee for any late pick up.
Mar. 5 Shipped work will be sent.

Delivery and Shipping


  • All work delivered to the gallery must have the following information affixed to the non-viewing side of artwork:
    • Artist Name
    • Address, phone number and email
    • Title of the work, medium and price. Be specific with medium descriptions (e.g., oil on hardboard or canvas, not oil; chromogenic print or archival ink jet print, not photography or digital print; oil pastel on paper, not pastel; etc.)
  • Work must arrive on scheduled dates.
  • Paintings must be dry.
  • Measure to ensure work meets size limitations before delivery, include outer edges of frames. Work not in compliance will not be exhibited. No exceptions.
  • All shipped work must include a bar-coded shipping label. Do not send by United States Postal Service (USPS). We prefer UPS but accept FedEx. No shipping peanuts allowed.
  • Please affix packing/repacking instructions to OUTSIDE of shipping box.
  • Tips on shipping can be viewed on the RedDotBlog

Pickup and Storage

Pickup and Storage

  • When the exhibit ends, unless specified otherwise, you may pick up your work no earlier than 3:00 pm on the closing day of the exhibit.
  • You must pick up your work within 48 hours of the closing day of the exhibit, or notify the gallery if you will be late.
  • Unless previous arrangements have been made, work placed in storage after announced pickup dates will be subject to a fine of $10.00 per piece, per week. Work left in storage longer than two (2) weeks shall become MFA property and may be disposed of, or used for fundraising purposes. There are no exceptions.



All work will be handled with all possible care, but pieces submitted for exhibition are at the artist’s risk. In the event of damage or theft, the MFA will not be held liable. If insurance is desired, the artist must carry it.



  • All work entered into any exhibition must be for sale unless prior agreements are made, and marked either with a price or POR for Price On Request.
  • The MFA will retain 30% from all sales
  • Sale of artwork is taxable and all sales tax processing will be handled by the MFA.
  • Sold artwork requiring shipment will be handled by the MFA with costs collected from buyer. Buyers will be asked if the work may be retained until the exhibit ends. If the buyer disagrees, the Gallery will let the work go, and the artist will be informed.
  • The MFA asks that artists donate 20% from any sale made through a direct referral from the MFA within three months. All donations are used to help defray operating costs of the Maryland Federation of Art and are tax-deductible by the artists to the full extent of the law.