MFA offers our artist members the opportunity to exhibit at local restaurants around Annapolis. Currently, we work with Paul’s Homewood Café, a restaurant blending Chesapeake staples with traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Now exhibiting at Paul’s Homewood Café through January 2023:

Lyn Laviana and Natalie Ogilvie (Watkins)


Lyn Laviana

Artist Bio

Lyn Laviana was born in Kansas City and grew up in the Northeast, painting since grade school. She went to college for computer science degrees leading to a corporate job. She spent two years working in Tokyo and went around the world twice before moving back to the United States.

After retirement, Lyn continued her art education with a number of classes and workshops.

Although she has painted in oils for many years, and enjoys the saturation of color with pastels, she is currently most interested in printmaking and acrylics. These media allow the transparency that pastels do not.

Lyn is a Signature Member of the Maryland Pastel Society (MPS) and a member of the Maryland Federation of Art (MFA). She participates in many local and national juried shows winning numerous awards.


Natalie Ogilvie (Watkins)

Artist Bio

Natalie was born in Honduras (1988) and given the name Maria-Louisa Castro at birth. She was adopted at the age of six months, to a family in Canton, Georgia when she was renamed Natalie Elizabeth Ogilvie. Her parents, Brenda, and John Ogilvie raised her along with her two brothers Jack and Gabriel. She now resides in Arnold, Maryland as Natalie Ogilvie (Watkins) with her husband, Derek Watkins and their son Charlie Watkins.

Accomplishments began as early as elementary school for Natalie. In second grade, Natalie’s artwork was awarded and placed in a book at the 1996 Olympics for all of the athletes to view. After years of published work in middle and high school, Natalie continued to Savannah College of Art & Design where she took classes that have credited her work today. She took a painting class with Josh Z. Yu, where she found her love of soft pastel, and painting.

Currently, Natalie works with soft pastel, acrylics, wood, and resin. She established her business Maria’s Fine Art LLC in 2020, and has won awards for her business and her fine art since her college years. Recent awards include: Best of Annapolis 2020, 2nd for Best of Severna Park 2021, and an Honorable Mention for her art, by The Maryland Federation of Art, in the exhibition Eye of the Beholder. She has also shown work in a handful of exhibitions through Maryland Federation of Art, The Creative Alliance, Maryland Art Place, Ward Museum of Wild Fowl Art, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, and The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County.

Artist Statement

In life, we struggle with purpose and meaning in our existence. As we continue to learn, our understanding of the Universe and our place in reality changes. Fractal Geometry and Quantum/Particle Physics have always been a passion of mine. So much so, I taught lessons to the Physics class when I was in High School. My work FRAC, is a collection of acrylic paintings that reflect the connection between Fractals and “The Observer Effect”. Using a specific technique to create fractal-like paintings, I am able to show depth of “reality”. You, the observer, can see painted differences of what you would assume would be perfectly reflected on both sides of the diptych; a reminder that reality is not finite.

Fractals, as described in the Oxford Dictionary “a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.”  The Observer Effect was discovered through the double slit experiment originally done in 1802 by Thomas Young and most recently updated by Marco Giammarchi in 2019. The experiment ultimately shows how observation appears to affect our local reality. With this knowledge, I began my process to create this collection, FRAC.

These paintings are made by starting with a color palette tied to a memory or feeling and design on one side that reflects an observation in life. Then, the fresh canvas is pressed on the painted side in a very specific way to create these fractal-like paintings. FRAC 1’s palette was chosen to reflect parts of space. When designing one side I thought about some new images from the James Webb Telescope. When pressed in a specific way, the diptych shows spirals and fractal-like patterns throughout. The two sides are similar but do not match. I feel the more you look at these pieces, the more differences you see, much like reality as we understand it.

Lyn and Natalie’s work is on display at Paul’s Homewood Café located at 919 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401. Open daily.


Now exhibiting at 49 West through January 31, 2023:

Art for a Living Wage

The artistic and creative voices of your favorite local restaurants.

Behind each plate, pour, cup, and cleared table is a person with interests and passions that go beyond the four walls you may know them from. Art for a Living Wage comes back with new and returning artists from ten local joints, bringing ten distinct artistic styles and mediums to the walls of 49 West. This show gives artists working in the food service industry an opportunity to share their creative side, as well as an opportunity to see their art transform into a means of supporting themselves. Come see these artists’ work through Jan 31 and join us Sunday, Dec 4 from 5 – 7 PM for a reception to celebrate the show.

Art for a Living Wage is on display at 49 West located at 49 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401. Open daily.