Now exhibiting at Paul’s Homewood Café:

Merrilyne Hendrickson and Jeff B. Voigt

On display December through January

Opening reception December 10, 4:30 -6:00

Celebrating the Beauty of Nature

About this showing…

“The beauty of nature surrounds me and inspires me. The changing colors in the sky and reflections in the water are especially magical at sunrise and sundown.  I try to capture the luminosity in my watercolor paintings. The SLICES are slivers or a narrow samplings of the whole range or subject. In these, an actual object is unimportant to the feeling of a moment in time and light. I live and paint in Annapolis so architectural landmarks are often subjects. I enjoy the discipline of rendering but hope to impart something more than a picture.”

-Merrilyne Hendrickson

“I was 14 in 1974 … not old enough to legally drive a car … but old enough to fly sailplanes solo.  So I spent many afternoons rocketing just above the Colorado Rockies and deserts of Arizona.  (When you’re 14 years of age, any speed past 90 mph was rocketing in my book). EVERYTHING from the air took on a new perspective.  I always brought along a camera to capture the moments.  My fascination with aerial photography was born that year.  It was a real adventure jetting past rugged mountaintops and soaring just below beautiful clouds. That kind of flying required intense concentration … both to fly the aircraft AND to set up the desired images.  Drone flight requires the same focus and attention to detail.  It also combines my love of flight with photography.

We are fortunate to live in a region that many tourists aspire to visit.  The aerial images on display this evening attempt to capture the unique beauty of our home.  We’ve all witnessed beautiful sunrises along the shore.   But things change at 400 feet!  Given the right sunlight, historic landmarks take on a whole new personality from the air.  I hope you enjoy my work.  There is much more to come.”

-Jeff B. Voigt

Their work will be on display at Paul’s Homewood Cafe located at 919 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401. Open daily.