A painting competition en plein air!

Plein air is painting outside – rather than in a studio. The term comes from the French ‘en plein air’, meaning ‘in the open air’. Popularized by Impressionists who were particularly interested in the influence of changing light and the effects of light on color when outdoors, plein air painting is now flourishing as its own art form.

Introducing Our Competitors:

Steve Abba (Nigeria)
Poppy Balser (Nova Scotia)
Bruno Baran (Maryland)
Mat Barber-Kennedy (Illinois)
Jacalyn Beam (Delaware)
Lon Brauer (Illinois)
Carol Cowie (Maryland)
David Diaz (Maryland)
Ronaldo Dorado (Maryland)
Kathleen Gray Farthing (Ohio)
Catherine Hillis (Georgia)
Debra Howard (Maryland)
Greg Johannesen (Maryland)
Kathleen Kotarba (Maryland)
Georganna Lenssen (Pennsylvania)
Valerie Syms Martin (Ireland)
Lynn Mehta (Virginia)                                                                                                  Alison Menke (Maryland)
Charles Newman (Maryland)
D.K. Palecek (Wisconsin)
Crista Pisano (New Jersey)
Craig Reynolds (Alabama)
Julie Riker (Pennsylvania)
William Rogers (Nova Scotia)
Marilyn Rose (New Jersey)
Cynthia Rosen (Vermont)
John Slivjak (Pennsylvania)
Louise Treacy (Ireland)
Stewart White (Maryland)
Jeff Williams (Oklahoma)

Paint Annapolis is a five-day juried plein air painting competition that brings to Annapolis plein air painters from around the world.

As a premier plein air painting event, Paint Annapolis brings people together to share in the spirit and vibrancy of outdoor painting. The event is designed to explore in paint the colonial architecture, marine atmosphere, and overall energy of Maryland’s capital city – and the first capital of the United States – home to families, businesses, colleges, and maritime activities.

Awards for artists participating in Paint Annapolis total $15,000!