We’re Having a Party…

Join us on March 17 from 6-9pm  for a “friend-raising” event featuring an art “grab-bag” stocked with pieces of art created by MFA members!
All donated pieces will be in the gallery, ready to go, but will be hidden from view inside a paper bag… only after you select your bag will you know which piece of art you will take home!

Some nuts & bolts…

  • Get the right ticket:

    • $35 come for art & munchies – you pay for booze

    • $25 if you’re a donating artist – drinks are on us!

  • Be at Circle Gallery on March 17 at 6pm

  • Get your number, cross your fingers, & get lucky – you’re going home with a fun & fresh work of art!

What will you get?

We are asking you to create a piece of artwork that will fit in a paper bag! Artwork needs to be original, but need not be framed. Artists may donate a maximum of 3 pieces. Your piece may be any size, but must fit in a space of 14 x 8 x 5 if rolled, folded or disassembled. Be as creative as you want inside the bag – but the outside of the bag should be left plain. So that we can highlight your artwork, upload details and an image of your piece!


February 15: Please email or call the gallery by this day to let us know if you plan to participate. This will help us determine how many tickets we can sell

February 20: Upload an image of your artwork for MFA to promote the event.

March 10-14: Artwork must arrive at Circle Gallery (shipped or hand delivered). Shipping address: 18 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401

March 17: In the Bag! 6-9pm