Now on Display in Holley Gallery…

Sculpting with Light: 3D Holograms by Alan Rhody

September 26 – October 19


Alan Rhody is a regional artist based in Baltimore County. He primarily creates handcrafted contemporary stone sculptures using classic materials, simple tools, and time-honored carving techniques. In addition to working with the most primitive material – rock – Rhody also creates 3D imagery (holograms) using highly advanced photo-optical technologies. Holography can be considered “sculpting with light.” In 2016, Rhody was awarded a Holographic Artist Residency by the Center for the Holographic Arts (HoloCenter, NYC). This award enabled him to create this installation which integrates both of his artistic pursuits. To create the large, high-quality holograms needed for this project, Rhody utilized the holography laboratory located at the Ohio State University Department of Physics, under the direction of Dr. Harris P Kagan. This exhibition showcases the “Chief” holograms, two self-portraits, and some vintage holograms.

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