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Deadline to Enter is March 29, 2023

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Introducing Studio Tours

The In-Person Studio Tours program is an initiative of Maryland Federation of Art, Inc. (MFA) to bring the community directly to the artists. Recognizing the incredible talent of artists in Anne Arundel County, MD and residents’ and visitors’ desire to meet artists, the program brings together actively working artists and potential collectors in the artists’ studio environments, encouraging the support of local artists and their work. Artists whose studios are located within the Anne Arundel County boundaries are encouraged to apply to participate in Studio Tours 2023, which takes place Sunday, June 25 and Saturday, July 1, 2023 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Each artist on the tour will also display work at 49 West from June 1 – August 1, 2023.

MFA will manage the advertisement, promotion, and marketing for the Studio Tours program. Additionally, MFA will produce a map of all participating artists’ locations, and a listing for each participating artist, including a brief artist statement and an image representative of the artist’s body of work on our website. MFA will also produce a brochure promoting the event. Participating artists will be provided with brochures to distribute and signage to place to direct visitors to your studio space.

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Terms of Entry

  • Entry is open to all artists with studios located in Anne Arundel County, MD. Artists who wish to participate but do not have a studio located in Anne Arundel County, MD may work with other local artists to combine efforts. MFA will reach out to all applicants after the application deadline to confirm each artist has a location within Anne Arundel County to showcase work. MFA will provide information regarding artists looking for space and artists who may have additional space and are willing to support other artists. Please note that all participating artists, regardless of whether the artist has regular or temporary space in Anne Arundel County, are expected to be present and available during the dates of the Studio Tours. By entering this exhibition, artists agree to fill out the Google form by April 4, 2023.
  • Participating artists should plan for several things related to the Studio Tours program. Artists are expected to have their studios or showcase spaces open to visitors on Sunday, June 25 and Saturday, July 1, 2023 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Artists may, but are not required to, provide light refreshments during those hours, and are encouraged to offer an inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Artists should have work for sale during these hours and demonstrations are highly encouraged. Artists are expected to comply with all federal, state, and local requirements and recommendations then in place with respect to COVID-19.
  • As part of the introduction for the Studio Tours, artists shall deliver one piece representative of their body of work to be exhibited at 49 West between June 1 – August 1, 2023. Artists will retain 65% from the sale of the piece on exhibition at 49 West. 49 West will retain 35% commission from the sale of the piece on exhibition at 49 West.
  • Except as otherwise provided above, artists will retain 100% from sales made during Studio Tours. Artists are responsible for the collection and reporting of any sales tax associated with such sales.
  • Entering this exhibition indicates understanding and agreement on the part of the artist with the conditions stated herein and with (a) MFA’s approved Statement of Equity and Diversity and (b) the Delivery, Installation, and Presentation guidelines outlined in MFA’s General Guidelines with respect to the work delivered for exhibition in 49 West.
  • Images of work submitted as part of this application process and any image of work on exhibition at Circle Gallery as part of the Studio Tours program may be used at the sole discretion of MFA for promotional purposes including, but not limited to: the invitation, brochure, catalog, website, social media, print materials, or a subsequent year’s prospectus. Images will include attribution wherever possible.


  • Artwork will be handled with all possible care. MFA will not be responsible or liable for loss or damage from any cause whatsoever. Insurance, if desired, must be carried by the artist.
  • MFA encourages all participating artists to obtain their own liability insurance for the duration of the Studio Tours. The submission of an application for Studio Tours by an artist is the artist’s agreement and confirmation that MFA is not responsible for activities or occurrences at such participating artist’s location.

Application Requirements

  • All work must be entered by uploading JPEG images through MFA’s online entry system. Set pixel dimensions between 1,500 and 3,000 pixels on the longest side. File size may be no more than 5 MB.
  • All work must be original and completed solely by the artist’s hand. Artists shall submit an image of a piece of work representative of their body of work. Submit the image that you want to be included in the brochure and other marketing materials. The image does not have to be the same piece of work to be submitted for the exhibition at 49 West and may be an image that has already sold.
  • To enter online, you will need an MFA account that includes an email address and a password. There is no charge to create an MFA account.

Application Fee

  • $50 per artist participating individually.
  • If artists are participating as a group at a single location and would prefer a single group listing in the brochure and on the website identifying all the participating artists, there is a discounted fee per participating artist. Please contact MFA via email at if you represent a group of artists at a single location who wish to participate.
  • Application fees are non-refundable.


  • The image of work submitted as part of the application process and the piece of work delivered for exhibition in 49 West during the Studio Tours exhibition should have been created within the past three years and should be representative of the artist’s current body of work.
  • The work delivered for exhibition in 49 West during the Studio Tours exhibition may not exceed 30″ in any direction, including the frame.
  • Work must be original in concept and design and created by the artist without instructor guidance. No commercially produced or reproduced artwork will be accepted for exhibition in 49 West during the Studio Tours exhibition.
  • Photographic prints not made directly by the artist shall have been analog or digitally processed by the artist and the artist shall be in control of any adjustments such as cropping, color balance, contrast, etc., through to the final printing.
  • No works produced in multiple quantities are accepted for exhibition in 49 West during the Studio Tours exhibition, unless produced from the original means by the artist’s hand and does not exist in another medium. Editions must be signed and numbered.


  • Artists will retain 65% from the sale of work on exhibition in 49 West. 49 West will retain 35% commission from the sale of work on exhibition in 49 West. Sale of artwork is taxable and all Maryland sales tax processing with respect to work on exhibition in 49 West will be handled by MFA. Artists are responsible for Maryland sales tax processing with respect to other work sold during the Studio Tours.
  • Sold artwork on exhibition in 49 West requiring shipment will be handled by MFA with costs collected from the buyer. Buyers will be asked if the work may be retained until the exhibit ends. If the buyer disagrees, 49 West will let the work go and the artist will be informed. Artist may then replace such work with a new piece meeting the guidelines outlined herein. Artists are responsible for the shipment and arrangements of all other artwork sold during the Studio Tours.
  • The piece of work submitted for exhibition in 49 West during the Studio Tours must be for sale unless prior agreements are made and marked either with a price or POR for Price on Request.

Exhibition Schedule

  • Jan 4 Online entry opens for submissions
  • Mar 29 Entry deadline
  • Apr 4 Google Form deadline
  • Apr 13 Participation and Space Confirmation
  • May 24 – 29 Work must arrive at MFA Circle Gallery
  • Jun 1 – Aug 1 Exhibition of Representative Work at 49 West
  • Jun 4 Reception at 49 West from 5 – 7 PM
  • Jun 25 & Jul 1 Studio Tours at Artists’ Locations
  • Aug 2 – 6 Pick Up Work at Circle Gallery between 11 AM and 4 PM

NOTE: Should the exhibition space be closed for reasons beyond our control, MFA reserves the right to move a planned physical exhibit to our online gallery.


All artists who satisfactorily complete the application process will be accepted to participate in the Studio Tours program. Artists who have unsubscribed from MFA emails will not receive necessary information regarding the Studio Tours program. Information provided by MFA subsequently through email will include specific details and may vary from the prospectus.
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