Notification was made September 8th

Deadline to enter was August 24th

Introducing Corporate Connections

MFA’s Corporate Connections program launches an opportunity for artists to connect with professional developers, designers and more at this gala one-day event at the Peterson Headquarters building at National Harbor in Maryland. Entry is open to established and new member artists of MFA (Maryland Federation of Art). Entries of original 2-D or 3-D work may be submitted for consideration by the juror. All images of selected works will be featured in a promotional catalog and also displayed on MFA’s online Curve Gallery from Oct. 15 – Dec. 1, 2020.

 Click this icon to view and print the downloadable prospectus.

Juror: Robert W. Madden, National Geographic Magazine

As a staff photographer for National Geographic Magazine for over 15 years, Bob Madden produced the photographs for more than twenty stories and for several National Geographic books. Travels across all seven continents exposed him to an extraordinary diversity of cultures and customs, from the Yanomamo Native Americans in the jungles of Venezuela, to street life in Brooklyn, New York, to the ecology of the U.S. Chesapeake Bay, the area Bob calls home.

He has been immersed in photography from another perspective, serving as Director of Design at National Geographic Magazine and as picture editor for National Geographic Kids magazine and National Geographic Books. Bob has also designed trade books such as Madagascar A World Out of Time, by Allison Joly and Frans Lanting (Aperture), Japanese Gardens, by Mike Yamashita (Fulcrum) and Sam Abell A Photographic Life (Rizzoli).

Bob’s photographic experiences have equipped him to offer what he has learned to fellow photographers who subscribe to his international photo tours and to one-on-one instruction where he helps these students hone their photographic skills. His long list of awards and credits include Magazine Photographer of the Year (twice); College Photographer of the Year; and design awards from the Society of Publication Designers, The New York Art Directors Club, and Communication Arts.

Before COVID – 19, Bob traveled nine to ten months a year, both with and without students. His most recent work on Cuba can be found here and more info on Bob and his works can be found here. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: RWMaddenphotog

Juror’s Statement

*coming soon.

20 Selected Artists

*All 50 selected artists will be listed in the Corporate Connections 2020 Catalogue.

Information for Accepted Artists

NOTE: Should Circle Gallery or any other exhibitions space be closed for reasons beyond our control, MFA reserves the right to move a planned physical exhibit to our online gallery. Please mark your calendar for notification. This may include specific information that varies from the prospectus.

Exhibition Schedule

Exhibition Schedule:

July 15 Online entry open for submissions
Aug. 24 Deadline for entries
By Sep. 8 All artists notified by email. Check or contact MFA if you do not receive notice. Instructions for shipped and hand-delivered work will arrive with notification
Oct. 29 Corporate Connection reception held at National Harbor Management Office, 6:30pm
Nov. 3 Shipped work will be sent

Selection and Award

Selection & Award

Juror will select 1 artwork by 50 artists from images to display online and in a promotional catalog. Up to 20 of the 50 artists will be awarded purchase prizes selected by a panel of corporate designers who will present these works at the Corporate Connections event. The 20 artists are invited to attend the opening event to discuss their work with potential clients. Selected artists attending the event may bring 3 additional pieces to sell. All 50 artists will apear in the Corporate Connections 2020 Catalogue.

Delivery and Shipping


  • All work delivered to the event must have the following information affixed to the non-viewing side of artwork:
    • Artist Name
    • Address, phone number, and email
    • Title of the work, medium and price. Be specific with medium descriptions (e.g., oil on hardboard, not oil; chromogenic print or archival ink jet print, not photography or digital print; oil pastel on paper, not pastel; etc.)
  • Work must arrive on scheduled dates
  • Paintings must be dry
  • Measure to ensure work meets size limitations before delivery, include outer edges of frames. Work not in compliance will not be exhibited. No exceptions
  • All shipped work must include a bar-coded shipping label. Do not send by United States Postal Service (USPS). We prefer UPS but accept FedEx. No shipping peanuts allowed
  • Please affix packing/repacking instructions to OUTSIDE of shipping box
  • Tips on shipping can be viewed on the RedDotBlog

Pickup and Storage

Pickup and Storage

  • When the event ends, unless specified otherwise, artists may take unsold work with them.
  • Unless previous arrangements have been made, work placed in storage after the event will be subject to a fine of $10.00 per piece, per week. Work left in storage longer than two (2) weeks shall become MFA property and may be disposed of, or used for fundraising purposes. There are no exceptions.



All work will be handled with all possible care, but pieces submitted for exhibition are done so at the artist’s own risk. In the event of damage or theft, MFA will not be held liable. If insurance is desired, the artist must carry it.



  • All work entered into any exhibition must be for sale unless prior agreements are made, and marked either with a price or POR for Price On Request
  • MFA will retain 30% from all sales
  • Sale of artwork is taxable and all sales tax processing will be handled by MFA
  • Sold artwork requiring shipment will be handled by MFA with costs collected from buyer
  • MFA asks that artists donate 20% from any sale made through a direct referral from the MFA within three months. All donations are used to help defray operating costs of the Maryland Federation of Art and are tax-deductible by the artists to the full extent of the law.


All entrants will receive notice by email. The notice to accepted artists will include specific details and could vary from prospectus. A list of accepted artists and artwork will also be posted on MFA’s website. Please set your email account to recognize this address: Contact gallery if you do not receive notice.