1. It is required that all artwork have a Paint Annapolis 2020 registration stamp visible and accessible to be exhibited. Stamping will occur at MFA’s Pop Up Gallery, 186 Main Street, Annapolis MD, when you turn in your work for hanging.
  2. All artwork must be painted en plein air during the week of Paint Annapolis, without the use of photographs.
  3. All artwork submitted for exhibition, awards, and/or sales must be framed, wired, and ready to hang. Artwork must be submitted with the appropriate label provided by MFA.
  4. Artists may paint as many pieces as they want but only two (2) will hang for jurying in MFA’s Pop Up gallery.
  5. Artwork may not exceed 32 inches in any direction. Mat and frame are included in the size measurement.


  1. All works submitted for exhibition must be painted during Paint Annapolis 2020 and within the areas designated.
  2. Artists may submit two (2) pieces for exhibition in MFA’s Paint Annapolis Pop Up Gallery, 186 Main Street, Annapolis MD. These pieces will be the ones juried for awards.
  3. Artwork to be submitted for exhibition must be dropped-off by the artist, at the exhibition location no later than Friday, September 25 at noon.
  4. Artwork created during Paint Annapolis may be exhibited in MFA’s Paint Annapolis public artist online gallery. Artists may upload their two (2) pieces that they would like juried for awards online in a special entry gallery which MFA staff will send the week of the event. It is the artist’s responsibility to post their work by September 25 at 10am.
  5. Work submitted for exhibition and awards will hang in MFA’s Paint Annapolis Pop Up Gallery, 186 Main Street, Annapolis MD, from September 25 – Oct 22.
  6. Artists must work with MFA to retrieve their artwork after Oct 23. Artists who have not collected their work after a week will be charged a $10 late fee. Work not retrieved within 90 days becomes the property of MFA.

Artists Sales

  1. Paintings submitted for exhibition must be available for sale.
  2. Artists receive 60% of the purchase price for any work sold throughout Paint Annapolis.
  3. Only MFA personnel may complete a sale.
  4. By participating in Paint Annapolis, artists agree not to conduct sales or presales of their paintings outside the commission structure. Commission proceeds for all sales support current and future Paint Annapolis events and help MFA achieve our mission of supporting artists at all points of their careers through exhibition and professional development opportunities.
  5. MFA will keep artists updated on whether their piece sells during the exhibition.


  • Sep. 19 Deadline to sign up to paint
  • Sep. 20-24 Artists may paint in the designated areas
  • Sep. 25 9am – 12am Artists drop off their work at MFA’s Pop Up gallery, 186 Main Street, Annapolis MD, 21401
  • Sep. 25 Awards announced during a digital reception
  • Sep. 25 Paint Annapolis 2020 exhibition begins
  • Oct. 22 Last day of exhibition
  • Oct. 23 Pick up unsold art at 186 Main Street