About the Artist

Sharon B Fuller,   COLUMBIA, MD

I paint in watercolor and acrylic on paper and wood panels. I love watercolor because it combines luminosity with soft edges and unpredictable results. Painting in acrylic enables me to use many layers, textural effects and collage elements. I find the space between representational and purely abstract images most compelling. My subject matter varies based on what I find intriguing and challenging.

The 'National Parks' series includes views of Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon and several places in Alaska plus our local Great Falls. I view the National Parks as our nation’s treasure and a legacy we have been given. The establishment of these parks is a physical example of what we can do in a positive way to connect to each other and to our nation. The dual role of protecting wild places while allowing visitors to access those special places is part of the mission of the National Parks. In the midst of climate change, our ability to both protect and use natural resources is necessary for our survival.

I am currently working on a new series of paintings and these will be available soon. Please check back to see this new series.

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