About the Artist

Natalie Ogilvie (Watkins),   Arnold, MD

Natalie has always been an accomplished artist. In second grade, Natalie’s artwork was awarded and placed in a book at the 1996 Olympics for all of the athletes to view. Natalie continued to win awards throughout elementary, middle and high school for her artwork as well as her poetry. Her poetry and articles were published in literary journals and papers in middle and high school. Natalie continued on to Savannah College of Art & Design where she took classes that have credited her work today. She took painting with Josh Z. Yu, who is a world renowned painter. Natalie’s father is a well known home builder in Georgia. He has always had a well developed wood working shop, admired by wood workers around the country.  Natalie continues to learn from her father and has developed her own technique in wood burning. In the last decade Natalie has commissioned her paintings, drawings and wood burned pieces as well as volunteered countless hours of time to work on custom pieces for people who have lost their beloved pets. Other than fine art, Natalie loves animals. Natalie and her husband, Derek, have fostered rabbits, kittens and cats, and donate yearly to groups like Senior Dog Sanctuary, Humane Society, Sierra Club, Earthjustice and many others.

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