Now exhibiting at Paul’s Homewood Cafe…

Nan Thompson

On display now – December 11

Opening reception will be on October 25 from 5-6pm

About this showing…

This series, ‘The Art of the Everyday” features 30 images
exploring those simple, fleeting moments surrounding us in our busy lives.

Nan Thompson’s photographs invite us to gaze at the iridescence in a cloud of
bubbles; to observe the natural patina on garden statuary; to notice fall leaves the
color of copper pennies; or pause to reflect on the geometry of an iron bridge.
hese photographs speak of art as not just what we see; but how we see it.

Although Nan has an art degree back in the age of film and darkrooms, she is
mostly self-taught. Nan Thompson has been as artist/photographer for over 40
years, but has only recently entered competitions. Since 2010 she has been
accepted in over 30 juried, national and international shows in MD, PA, IL, MA,
and FL and has won numerous awards. She lives in Nottingham, MD with her
partner, Tim, and their Belgian Sheepdog, Kodi. She has 4 kids and 6 grandkids.

Her work will be on display at Paul’s Homewood Cafe located at 19 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401. Open daily.