Now on Display at Holley Gallery…

The Park: Views from Trail and Sidewalk

Jennifer A. Lowe


May 3-17, reception May 7, 3-5pm

Artist Bio

Jennifer is a Baltimore-based artist, painting realistic, colorful landscapes from the places she’s traveled to scenes closer to home. Her artistic style is mostly influenced by the impressionists of the 19th century , and often incorporates similar gestural textures in her artwork. While painting is her primary medium, she also has experience working with sculpture, mosaic, charcoal and design. Most of her work is by commission, painting unique and memorable artwork for clients. She continues to grow in her support for the arts in the Maryland community as a member of MFA.

Artist Website

Holley Gallery is located at 18 State Circle, as a subsection of Circle Gallery.


Holley Gallery is available as an exhibition space for MFA members. Please contact Circle Gallery if you are interested in a show in Holley Gallery.