Paint Annapolis 2017

Annapolis Art Week

Off the Wall

Off the Wall

Waverly Street: currently open until August 5

Nicholas H Teetelli, Hancock, American Landscapes 2016

American Landscapes

Circle Gallery: opens August 10

kevin schroeder,Katerina with Roaches , mezzotint

Small Wonders

Circle Gallery: deadline September 26

unnamed (1)

Holley Gallery

Phyllis Gillie Jaffe

"Dragonfly", watercolor, 8x10

Paul’s Homewood Cafe

Lindsay Elizabeth: exhibiting now - 8/6



MFA videos

Maggy Aston, Clathrus, mixed media

Strokes of Genius

Circle Gallery: deadline September 5

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Artist Workshop Series

MFA Sponsored Event

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Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Alex Tolstoy, Lavender Fields , watercolor, Global Landscapes 2016

Member Videos

Member Videos

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About MFA Videos

About MFA Videos


Midsummer Madness

Circle Gallery- Current Exhibition


Eye of the Beholder

Circle Gallery

Alex Tolstoy, Lavender Fields , watercolor, Global Landscapes 2016

Global Perspectives

Online Exhibition: notification July 27

Wil Scott, River of Green, Water Works 2016

Water Works

Annapolis Maritime: notification August 17

Frond - Scott Herndon

Fall Member Show

Circle Gallery: deadline August 8