Paint Annapolis 2017

Paint Annapolis 2017

December 1, 2016

kevin schroeder,Katerina with Roaches , mezzotint

Small Wonders

Circle Gallery: exhibition opens 12/2

Susan La Mont, The Illusion of Reality , oil on linen, Street Scenes 2016

Street Scenes

Online Exhibition: exhibiting now - 12/15

Maureen Farrell,  
Menage a trois , mixed media

Paul’s Homewood Cafe

Maureen Farrell: exhibiting now - 12/5

Patricia O'Brien, Where to begin..., oil, Lowe House 2016

Lowe House Exhibition

Lowe House: entry deadline 12/1

Lon Brauer,  Break in the Weather, oil on panel, Stormy Weather 2016

Stormy Weather

Annapolis Maritime: entry deadline 12/28

Sascha Mallon, Floating,  ink and watercolor pencil on paper

Art on Paper

Circle Gallery: entry deadline 1/17

Nicolas Raymond
Barking Rose
Photo Texture Composite / Archival Ink, Focal Point 2016

Focal Point

Circle Gallery: notification 12/15

Steve Ridzon,Old Wine Crates - Lodi, California,
photography, Fall Member Show

Winter Member Show

Circle Gallery: notification 12/12

Michelle Guillermin Dunkirk, Under Threat, Photograph, Global Landscapes 2016


Online Exhibition: entry deadline 1/2

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Artist Workshop Series

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Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Alex Tolstoy, Lavender Fields , watercolor, Global Landscapes 2016

Member Videos

Member Videos

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Paint Annapolis

Plein Air Painting Competition - Special Event