Nicolas Raymond
Barking Rose
Photo Texture Composite / Archival Ink, Focal Point 2016

Focal Point

Circle Gallery - Open for Entry

Kate Stillwell,  Saran Window , digital photography, Art on Paper 2015

MFA @ Marlboro Gallery

PG Community College- Current Exhibition

Sarah Hood Salomon, Solitudes , archival digital photograph, American Landscapes 2016 Juror's Choice

American Landscapes

Circle Gallery - Current Exhibition

Alex Tolstoy, Lavender Fields , watercolor, Global Landscapes 2016

Global Landscapes

Online Exhibition - Current Exhibition

Alvin James Miller, Antelope Canyon II, Archival Photograph

Collector’s Choice

MFA Fundraising Event

Teresa Jarzynski,  Rasberry Sky
, oil on canvas, Fall Member Show 2016

Fall Member Show

Circle Gallery - current exhibition

Jung Min Park,  The Island , mixed media on fabric

Water Works

Annapolis Maritime Museum - current exhibition

Jennifer Kahn Barlow, Begonia Escargot
 oil on canvas

Strokes of Genius

Circle Gallery - upcoming exhibition


Small Wonders

Circle Gallery - Notification

Paul Tambellini, Path To Penn's Landing
 Oil on Canvas, MFA's Great Member Online Exhibition 2015

Street Scenes

Online Exhibition- Open for Entry

Sunhee Kim Jung, Color Interaction 6, oil on linen

Holley Gallery

Sunhee Kim Jung

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Artist Workshop Series

MFA Sponsored Event



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Educational Videos

Alex Tolstoy, Lavender Fields , watercolor, Global Landscapes 2016

Member Videos

Member Videos

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About MFA Videos

About MFA Videos

watering holes

Watering Holes

Online Exhibition - Current Exhibition

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Test Online Gallery

April 2, 1300